Product Modification Notices

Multi-Product Line Announcements

Product Modification Notice - 12 Volt Universal Non-Locking Power Supply Change (#17-Corp-02) - Lumenera updates the 12V non-locking power supply as well as the camera power connector on certain cameras.

Product Modification Notice - IR/AR Filter Upgrade in Lumenera's Lt Camera Models (#16-Corp-01) - Lumenera transitions the current IR filter in its color USB 3.0 Lt camera models to a new filter that has an IR/AR coating. This filter change will improve the camera's sensitivity, with an approximate 5% increase in transmittance.

Product Modification Notice - Universal Power Supplies (#15-Corp-02) - Lumenera has decided to change the 5 VDC Universal Power Supply (Part# La20515) to source from an alternate vendor. The change is necessary to ensure the maximum reliability of our power supplies and ensure sufficient supply of product on an ongoing basis. The new replacement power supply is Part# La050300. Effective immediately, this new power supply will replace Part# La20515 for all products that ship with a 5V power supply.

CMOSIS Rev 3 Sensor Notice - Lt425 and Lt225 USB 3.0 cameras now equipped with rev 3 CMOSIS sensors.
Product Modification Notice (#13-CORP-02)
- Starting September 1, 2013 all models of the Lt225 and Lt425 series cameras will be available with the CMOSIS rev 3 sensor.

Monochrome Plain Glass Modification - Replacing IR-Cut Glass with Plain Glass in Monochrome Cameras
Product News (#11-Corp-10)
- Due to customer requests, starting January 10, 2012 Lumenera will begin replacing the IR-cut glass in its monochrome USB 2.0 cameras with plain glass. Traditionally, IR-cut glass has been used in the optical path within the camera’s lens mount for all Lu and some Lw-based monochrome cameras.

Product Modification Notice - Product Packaging Update for Industrial USB and Ethernet Products (#11-Corp-04)
As a part of our 'Going Green' initiative and to ensure that our customers have the latest software and manuals available to them, we will now be excluding the CD-ROM from all industrial and surveillance USB, Ethernet and GigE camera shipments.

Product Modification Notice - Universal Power Supplies (#11-Corp-02 v2) - Lumenera introduces a new series of wall mount universal switching power supplies. Highlights include: universal interchangeable plug included with each power supply with full 360° rotation; highest safety and compliance standards; and higher efficiency level, greener products.

USB 2.0 Cameras

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#15-CORP-04) - Lw620M, Lw625M and their variants.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#15-CORP-03) - Lw110M, Lw115M, and their variants.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#11-Corp-07) - Lu100C, Lu105C, Lu176C, Lu120C, Lu125C, Lu120M, Lu125M, Lw290C, Lw295C cameras and their variants.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#11-Corp-06) - Lg235C color and Lg235M monochrome cameras and their variants.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#10-Ind-03) - Lu270C, Lu275C, Lu271C, Lu272C, Lu273C and Lc270C color cameras and their variants.

Product Modification Notice - Lumenera’s Lw11059/11058/11057 Industrial Cameras (#10-Ind-02) - due to a manufacturer's obsolescence, the Lw11059 family of megapixel cameras have been modified to include a new camera board.

Product Modification Notice - Lu120 and Lu125 Industrial Cameras (#10-Ind-01) — Sensor obsolescence has resulted in ordering part number changes and subtle behaviour differences. Information can also be found in the "Sensor Obsolescence Technical Brief".

Product Modification Notice - Lumenera’s "full-time" I/O & Adjustable Lens Mount (#09-Ind-06) — Improved lens mount offering a "full-time I/O" and adjustable lens mount on most Lu and Lw-series USB 2.0 enclosed cameras.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#09-Ind-02) – LuSDK with Accessories.

Product Modification Notice - Lumenera’s Lw230 And Lw235 Industrial Cameras (#08-Ind-03) — New USB interface boards introduced due to manufacturers obsolescence.

INFINITY Microscopy Cameras

End of Life (EOL) Notice- (#15-CORP-07) - Lumenera is providing an EOL notice for the INFINITY4-11 11MP large format camera models due to drop off in demand and increased costs to produce in low volumes.

Product Modification Notice - Pink Ribbon-Branded INFINITY2-1R Enclosure Modification(#12-SCI-05) - Lumenera releases a pink ribbon-branded INFINITY2-1R camera. For every INFINITY2-1R camera sold, Lumenera will donate $20 to support Breast Cancer Research.

Product Modification Notice - INFINITY Enclosure Modifications (#12-Sci-04) - phasing in two modifications to INFINITY USB 2.0 camera enclosures (INFINITY1, 2, X and HD, as well as the INFINITY3-1U: Tripod Mount Modification; and Lens Mount Alterations.

Product Modification Notice - INFINITY1-2(#11-Sci-02) - due to a manufacturers obsolescence the INFINITY1-2 cameras have been modified to include a new board.

Product Modification Notice - INFINITY4-11(#11-Sci-01) - due to a manufacturers obsolescence the INFINITY4-11 cameras have been modified to include a new board.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#10-Sci-03) - INFINITYlite USB 2.0 microscopy cameras and variants.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#10-Sci-02) — INFINITYX-21 color cameras and variants.

Network Cameras

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#18-CORP-01) - Le165CE, Le165CE-DN, Le165ME, Le165ME-DN

End of Life (EOL) Notice for Select Surveillance Cameras (#14-CORP-07) - Issued on August 7th, 2014. Due to the manufacturer discontinuation of a critical sole-sourced component, Lumenera is providing an EOL notice for the following surveillance line of cameras and selected variants: Le075, Le165, Le175, Le375, Le575. Please read the full EOL notice for further details.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#10-Sec-03) - Le275C, Le275CP, Le275C-DN and Le275CP-DN Network Cameras.

End of Life (EOL) Notice (#10-Sec-02) - Le259 and Le11059 Network Cameras.

Product Modification Notice for Lumenera Network Cameras (#10-Sec-01) — Cameras upgrades to now incorporate the maximum 128 MB on-board image buffer memory.

Product Modification Notice for Lumenera Network Cameras (#09-Sec-03) - Improved Lens Mount for increased flexibility and versatility.

Product Modification Notice for Lumenera Network Cameras (#09-Sec-01) — New rugged molded tripod mount improves reliability and ease of use.