Under Development

Teledyne Lumenera Ls Series Embedded Vision Platform
The power and versatility to tackle today’s real world vision challenges

Lumenera Ls Series Smart Camera

Teledyne Lumenera Ls Series Highlights


  • Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC + GPU
  • Tackle intelligent high performance applications


  • Adaptable for real world application challenges
  • Get predictable results in real time

Designed for Embedded Vision

  • Enable an edge computing environment
  • Leverage Xilinx xfOpenCV and ARM Compute

Made for today’s challenging vision applications


  • ALPR/ANPR, vehicle detection, tolling, speed enforcement

Machine Vision

  • Fiducial detection, alignment, perspective correction

Life Sciences

  • Adaptive noise reduction, low light enhancements

Aerial Imaging

  • Object tracking, real time precision agriculture

Biometrics and Security

  • Facial recognition, crowd monitoring, suspicious behavior identification

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