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May 2018 - Techopia Live: Lumenera harnessing Ottawa’s ‘hotbed’ of imaging tech
Articled featured in Ottawa Business Journal's Techopia

February 2018 - A New Generation of Cameras for the Outdoor Imaging of Moving Targets
Articled featured in AZo Optics – Optics and Photonics News

January 2018 - Choosing The Correct Camera for Fluorescence Microscopy
Articled featured in AZo Networks – Medical and Life Sciences News


December 2017 - P-Iris Lenses
Articled featured in Intertraffic World Magazine

August 2017 - Optical species identification for preservation and species identification
Articled featured in AZo Networks – Medical and Life Sciences News

March 2017 - Größere Schärfentiefe: USB-Kamera mit P-Iris-Objektiv für optimierte Auflösungen (P-Iris: Precision Lenses to Optimize Resolution and Depth of Field)
Articled featured in INSPECT Magazine in German

March 2017 - Choosing the Right Microscope Camera
Articled featured in UKSPA Breakthrough magazine


November 2016 - Aerial Imaging - Selecting the Correct UAV and Industrial Camera Combination
Articled featured on AZO Sensors

October 2016 - Lumenera: High Performance USB 3.0 Camera
Articled featured on Inspect Online

September 2016 - Vision Interfaces 101
Article featured in Quality Magazine

September 2016 - Optical Metrology in Manufacturing
Article featured in Inspect Magazine

August 2016 - Ottawa High Schools Kitted Out with New Microscopy Cameras
Article in the Ottawa Metro news

August 2016 - Lumenera Hopes Camera Donation Sparks 'Passion for Science' Among Students
Article in the Ottawa Business Journal

April 2016 - Lumenera’s INFINITY Cameras featured in ‘NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt' segment about the BioBus!
NBC News

April 2016 - Lumenera's VP of Sales Dany Longval Featured in Intertraffic Article!
Intertraffic 2016 Amsterdam

February 2016 - Creating the Perfect Panoramic Video - A Collaboration between Disney, Lumenera and Norpix

January 2016 - High Performance 16 Megapixel 35 mm CCD USB 3.0 Camera from Lumenera


November 2015 - Science on Wheels: How to Bring Science to the Masses with a Mobile Lab!
Article by Bitesize Bio

October 2015 - Lumenera Donates Microscopy Cameras to BioBus, a Mobile Laboratory for Students

October 2015 - Wie schnell ist "High-Speed"?
White paper on USB 3.0 from INSPECT Magzine in German.

October 2015 - SOLUTIONS IN VISION - READER SURVEY - Part 2: Pinpointing the pain points of vision systems design
Article by Vision Systems Design

June 2015 - Lumenera High Performance Cameras for Transport Applications
News item from the ITS America Annual Meeting & Expo where Lumenera featured a portfolio of their high performance cameras

June 2015 - USB 3.0 Cameras from Lumenera Now Supported by Linux
Article featured in Vision Systems Design

May 2015 - Measure Sizes Now with Optical Microscopes
News item from the Cornell Center for Materials Research on the acquisition of Lumenera's cameras for their facility

May 2015 - Präzise Farberkennung in der Fertigung, Validierung durch ein Pantone-Color Matching System (PMS)
Article on 'Precise Color Detection in Manufacturing' featured in the German-Based publication, Inspect

April 2015 - Simultaneous imaging of multiple focal planes for three-dimensional microscopy using ultra-high-speed adaptive optics
Article by Researchers from Princeton University using Lumenera's INFINITY microscopy cameras featured in Journal of Biomedical Optics

April 2015 - Efficacy of tumor-targeting Salmonella typhimurium A1-R in combination with anti-angiogenesis therapy on a pancreatic cancer patient-derived orthotopic xenograft (PDOX) and cell line mouse models
Article by researchers using Lumenera's INFINITY microscopy cameras featured in the Oncotarget Journal

March 2015 - BRAF V600E mutation in early-stage multiple myeloma: good response to broad acting drugs and no relation to prognosis
Article by researchers from Norway using Lumenera's INFINITY microscopy cameras featured in the Blood Cancer Journal

March 2015 - Higher-Resolution Imaging: Better Performance at Lower System Costs
Feature Article in Traffic Technology International

Jan 2015 - Opportunities and Challenges of Optical Metrology in Manufacturing
Feature Article in Quality Magazine

Jan 2015 - The Accuracy of ITS can be Improved Using Highly Sophisticated Imaging Technologies
Intertraffic World Feature Article, January 2015


Dec 2014 - Industry Roundtable: Imaging Technology
Learn about Lumenera's latest USB3 cameras based on Sony's EXview HAD II CCD sensors. Video Interview with Vision Systems Design

Dec 2014 - Imaging with USB 3
Article with the publication 'Zillion International'

Dec 2014 - Lumenera Showcases Phonograph Imaging Demonstration at Vision Stuttgart
Image Sensors World December 2014

Dec 2014 - The Latest Products from Lumenera
Article featured in Photonics Tech Briefs

Nov 2014 - Versatile Cameras for Advanced Transportation Systems
Article featured in Traffic Vision 2014

Nov 2014 - Snapshot of the Action: How Industrial Cameras Help Rise to the Unique Set of Challenges Found within the Transportation Industry
Article featured in Intertraffic World 2014

Oct 2014 - Using Sensors to Optimize Image Capture in Traffic Applications
Feature Article in the Oct / Nov 2014 Issue of Traffic Technology International

August 2014 - Lumenera's 9.1 MPixel USB 3.0 camera achieves 19fps
Product Spotlight with Vision Systems Design

July 2014 - Imaging in UAVs, evolving technologies, a push toward turnkey solutions
Q&A Spotlight Interview on Vision Systems Design

July 2014 - High-performance Traffic Imaging for the Next Generation
Technology Profile in Traffic Technology International

May 2014 - White Paper: Is Cool the Rule for CCDs?
James Jonkman M.Sc., Manager, Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility (AOMF) Looks at Using Uncooled vs. Cooled CCD Microscopy Cameras for Fluorescence Imaging

May 2014 - New CCD Camera from Lumenera
Lumenera's Lt365R featured in Intertraffic Amsterdam Publication

January 2014 - Lighting Up the Future
Lumenera Profile in Imaging and Machine Vision Europe


December 2013 - Opthalmology Imaging: The Importance of Color Reproduction
Nasa Tech Briefs Feature Article

November 2013 - Lumenera Transportation Article: Snapshot of the Action
Intertraffic World- Magazine Article

October 2013 - Technology Profile: New CMOS Sensor Technology
Traffic Technology International - Lumenera Magazine Article

August 2013 - Lumenera Transportation Cameras
Traffic Technology International Magazine

April 2013 - Lumenera in the Picture at ITS
ITS International - Previewnews

March 2013 - New Lumenera Capture Interface 9.0 for Image-Pro Premier Software
Media Cybernetics

March 2013 - Lumenera Announce Complete Image Capture and Processing Package for INFINITY Camera Users Operating on Apple Macintosh

January 2013 - Lumenera and Icron Transcend Performance Limits of Standard USB Cables
Imaging and Machine Vision Europe


December 2012 - USB 3.0: Addressing New Challenges in Machine Vision
NASA Tech Briefs

December 2012 - Lumenera’s USB 3.0 CMOSIS Sensor-Based Camera Series for Mission Critical Applications

November 2012 - MICROSCOPY/ADVANCED BIOIMAGING: Life in HD: A new view of microscopic imaging
BioOptics World

May 2012 - The Man Who Photographs Produce
Weekly Seven

March 2012 - Lumenera Unveils Advanced INFINITYHD Microscopy Camera


September 2011 - Must See Video: Falling NASA UARS Satellite Observed While Still in Orbit
Universe Today

February 2011 - Lumenera Named One of the National Capital Region’s Top 25 Employers for 2011
Ottawa Citizen


November 2010 - Tech Firm Announces Big Expansion
CTV Ottawa

October 2010 - Reader Gallery
Astronomy Magazine

September 2010 - Surface Inspection: Flat Panel Displays
Inspection in HD

Imaging and Machine Vision Europe

August 2010 - “Right Now” Shock: Get Over the Technology Fear Factor
A&S Magazine

June 2010 - GigE Gains Traction
Advanced Imaging Magazine

June 2010 - OBJ's Forty Under 40 2010
Ottawa Business Journal

May 2010 - The Future of 3.0
Vision & Sensors

May 2010 - Forty Under 40 Recipients Revealed
Ottawa Business Journal

April 2010 - Weighing Out Components
A&S International & Asia

April 2010 - High-Resolution Cameras Move the Market
A&S International & Asia

April 2010 - Defining Different Formats
A&S International & Asia

April 2010 - Medical, Microscopy, and Microprocessors: Size Really Does Matter
Automated Imaging Association


September 2009 - The Sun Gets Its Spots (Back)

July 2009 - Lumenera helps set a Guinness World Record
Lunar World Record 2009

February 2009 - Picking a Camera with Punch
Vision Systems Design

September 2008 - Microscopy for Diagnosing Cancer
Biophotonics International

July 2008 - Are you smarter than a camera?
Security Systems News

January 2008 - Next step: Making it all work together
Security Systems News

September 2007 - An Update on Network Cameras
A&S Magazine

June 2006 - Living On the Edge
Security Systems News - 2006 CCTV Source Book

December 2005 - Greg Bell, VP Marketing, Lumenera's Yr/Yr Growth
Ottawa Citizen Business TV Interview

April 2005 - Symposium Showcase: Tomorrow’s Military Today
SPIE’s oemagazine