Installation & Power Guides

Installation Guides

To ensure that our customers have a great “out of box” experience, Lumenera includes Quick Start Installation Guides with all its products.


We want to highlight that you must first install your software before connecting the camera to your computer. This is critical to an easy and successful install.

Helpful Installation/Information Resources

Lumenera’s FAQs (USB 2.0, Ethernet) provide partners and customers with quick solutions to common questions.

More detailed solutions related to specific applications are accessible to customers through our Knowledge Base. Contact our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at to obtain access to solutions via a User name and password.

Should you require any additional assistance with your camera installation, please contact your Lumenera dealer for first line support. The TAC group is available for second tier support at or at 1-613-736-4077 (press 2 from the auto-attendant).

Power Requirements

Using power that exceeds these levels will result in damage to the circuit board(s) in your camera and replacement boards will be required. Note that damage due to incorrect power supply usage is not covered under warranty. Please refer to the individual product datasheets for the recommended power requirements.

Universal Power Supplies for all Lumenera cameras