Management Team

Huw Leahy, President

huw-leahyMr. Leahy has served as President since co-founding Lumenera. By combining a background in engineering, project management and operations management, Mr. Leahy realizes Lumenera’s goals and visions by implementing best practices and managing corporate strategies. Under his leadership the company has grown to be an internationally recognized and award winning manufacturer of high performance digital cameras that consistently delivers outstanding customer satisfaction. When not spending time with his family, Huw enjoys motorcycle road-trips and spending his days racing at the local track.

Stephen Shaw, Vice President, Finance

stephen-shawIn his role as Vice President of Finance, Stephen Shaw manages Lumenera’s fiscal standing with responsibility for accounting, audits, financial analysis, reporting and taxes. Stephen brings over 17 years of finance experience in the high tech industry to Lumenera, and is a Certified General Accountant with a Master's in Business Administration from Laurentian University. In his spare time Stephen enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children.

Dany Longval, Vice President, Worldwide Sales

dany-longvalDany Longval has more than 25 years in the high tech industry, having held a number of leadership roles throughout his successful career, including extensive experience in the global digital imaging industry. His key functions include development and execution of sales strategies, partners and sales channel management, key account development and management of Lumenera’s global sales team.  Dany holds a B.Eng. degree from the University of Sherbrooke and a M.Sc. degree in Project Management. Dany is an avid reader with a particular interest for world history, and a lifelong practitioner of martial arts having trained in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean styles.

Brooks Riendeau, Vice President, Marketing

brooks-riendeauBrooks is a B2B technology marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in product and solutions marketing, digital marketing, and market development. As Vice President of Marketing, Brooks leads Lumenera’s marketing strategy with a passion for driving demand through integrated programs that include content marketing, marketing automation, social media, SEO, industry events, and AR/PR relations.

Doug Sanderson, Vice President, Engineering

doug sandersonlWith over 25 years of industry experience in design and management, and a B.Eng (hons) in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Strathclyde, Doug Sanderson leads Lumenera’s multi-disciplinary hardware, software and mechanical engineering teams. He directs the life cycle development of Lumenera’s camera lines and successfully drives the company’s commitment to providing customers with the highest quality imaging solutions. Outside of work, Doug enjoys landscape photography, travel and reading.

Rob Sample, Vice President, Manufacturing

rob-sampleRob contributes to the company's bottom line by overseeing the people and processes involved in manufacturing,  maximizing output and meeting quality goals. He strategically analyzes and develops programs to control inventory, improve efficiency, increase production and meet budget requirements. In his spare time, Rob enjoys travel and music. 

Nick Bulitka, Chief Technology Officer

nick-bulitkaNick brings 20 years of digital imaging experience to Lumenera, running the gamut from CCD chip design to architecting camera and image processing algorithm designs. Since 2008 Nick has recommended which imagers to use in new camera designs, and has worked closely with the various engineering groups to optimize camera performance. Nick is a firm believer in a healthy body contributing to a healthy mind, and when not researching digital camera technology he enjoys challenging his body in road and trail running.

Christine Longpre, Vice President, Human Resources

christine-longpreIn her role as Vice President of Human Resources, Christine Longpre manages Lumenera’s Human Resources policies, procedures and programs with responsibility for aligning HR and business strategy, re-engineering organization processes, listening and responding to employees, and managing transformation and change. Ms. Longpre, who joined Lumenera in 2004, ensures that Lumenera continues to foster a motivated and productive workforce. In her spare time Christine volunteers for community-based organizations such as the Ottawa Special Olympics.