About Technical Support

At Lumenera we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer support. Our Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) is made up of individuals with varied backgrounds and skill levels, allowing us to tap into a broad spectrum of expertise.

In addition to our people and unique skills, TAC uses a variety of tools to offer you exceptional support:

  • A robust CRM allows us to: effectively monitor customer case status; quickly communicate with our Business Development team; assign follow-up tasks; set special flags; create escalation notices; create key words; and much more.
  • The recent addition of our remote connection tool, NTR Support, allows us to connect directly to your computer to see first-hand what you are experiencing. This tool has proven that it can provide “just-in-time” assistance and mitigates the need for returns.
  • Investment in a file transfer tool: “You-Send-It” provides a quick and easy method for sharing files with customers.
  • Tutorial Software has allowed us to build a suite of video tutorials, providing customers and partners with training tools that quickly and easily help them manoeuvre through the basics of our camera software.
  • In November 2011, we introduced a quarterly TAC UPDATE email communication to keep customers and partners informed and up-to-date.
  • Support Matrix: Our resellers and distributors are equipped to provide you with first line support. Lumenera is available for second and third tier support. Also available are Lumenera’s FAQ's and Knowledge Base, providing both resellers and customers with answers and solutions to common questions.

Feature Enhancements and Bug Fix Prioritization

Software bugs and feature enhancements are often discovered during the course of normal usage. Our Product Managers prioritize enhancements and bugs for implementation based on a combination of factors including the level of difficulty, reliability, impact across products, and the affect on our customers’ ability to conduct business.

Contact our Technical Assistance Center.