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High Performance USB 3.1 Gen 1 Cameras

Teledyne Lumenera’s USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras are built with leading-edge sensor technology from Sony, ON Semiconductor, and CMOSIS.

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Teledyne Lumenera LtX45R Camera Series

The Teledyne Lumenera LtX45R camera series combines USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity with Sony Pregius™ global shutter CMOS technology to provide CCD-like performance from a CMOS sensor.

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OEM & Custom Cameras

Any standard Teledyne Lumenera product can be adapted to meet your application needs – from low-cost tweaks and modifications to complete made-to-spec solutions.

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Beyond Point and Shoot: Monitoring Vegetation from the Sky

Two of Teledyne Lumenera’s industrial-grade USB 3.0 cameras replaced consumer-level point and shoot cameras in an unmanned system (UAV) to monitor vegetation health.

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New Lt Series Board Level Cameras
Teledyne Lumenera’s Lt Series USB3 Board Level Cameras offer a smaller, lighter, and lower cost imaging solution designed specifically to meet the challenges of today’s embedded systems.

New Lt Series Cameras
With robust compact enclosures and fully-locking USB3 connectors, the Teledyne Lumenera Lt Series USB3 Cameras are built for rugged 24/7 use and perform in a wide variety of challenging imaging applications.


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Now available: INFINITY ANALYZE 7 microscopy software

See the Teledyne Lumenera download center for the most current versions of our software releases, firmware, and drivers:
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