Industrial & Scientific

Lumenera offers a wide range of industrial and scientific cameras based on CCD and CMOS sensors, providing a variety of unique camera features to satisfy your imaging applications.

USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and Gigabit Ethernet

Lumenera’s high performance industrial and scientific cameras are designed and built to the highest quality standards.

Industrial Cameras: Our industrial cameras are designed to withstand demanding environments, shocks / vibrations, and are 100% solid state, providing the consistency and reliability needed for industrial and machine vision applications.

Scientific Cameras: Lumenera's scientific cameras are manufactured with a stringent quality control process that ensures camera-to-camera consistency. Our cameras deliver the high quality and reproducible image results that are critical to your life science and microscopy applications.

Choose from our many off-the shelf board-level and enclosed cameras, or contact us to discuss 
customizing our flexible products to meet your specific needs.

Most of the industrial cameras listed below are available to order with a -SCI option, which includes microscopy-grade glass, ideal for collimated light source applications.

USB 3.0 Cameras

Camera ModelMPResolutionFrame Rate cOptical FormatSensorColor/ Mono
Lt2252.22048 x 10881702/3"CMOSIS CMV2000Color or Mono NIR versions available
Lt365R2.81936 x 1456532/3"Sony ICX674 CCDColor or Mono
Lt4254.02048 x 2048901"CMOSIS CMV4000Color or Mono NIR versions available
Lt545R5.12464 × 2056 pixels~752/3"Sony IMX250Color or Mono
Lt665R6.02752 x 2192271"Sony ICX694 CCDColor or Mono
Lt965R9.13376 x 2704191"Sony ICX814 CCDColor or Mono
Lt1265R 124240 x 2832151"Sony ICX834 CCDColor or Mono
Lt16059H164896 × 32641235mmON Semiconductor (Truesense) KAI-16070 CCDColor or Mono
Lt29059 (Coming Soon)296576 x 4384~635mmON Semiconductor (Truesense) KAI-29050 CCDColor or Mono

USB 2.0 Enclosed Cameras (VGA - 11 MP)

Camera ModelMPResolutionFrame Rate cOptical FormatSensorColor/ Mono
Lm075VGA640 x 480601/3"CCDColor or Mono
Lu075VGA640 x 480601/3"CCDColor or Mono
Lm085VGA752 x 480601/3"CMOSColor or Mono
Lu1051.31280 x 1024151/2"CMOSMono
Lw1151.31280 x 1024301/3"CMOSColor
Lu1751.31280 x 1024301/2"CMOSMono
Lu1351.41392 x 1040151/2"CCDColor or Mono
Lu1651.41392 x 1040152/3"CCDColor or Mono
Lw165R1.41392 x 1040302/3"CCDColor or Mono
Lw135R1.41392 x 1040301/2"CCDColor or Mono
Lm1351.41392 x 1040151/2"CCDColor or Mono
Lm1651.41392 x 1040152/3"CCDColor or Mono
Lu2052.01600 x 1200101/2"CMOSColor
Lw2352.01616 x1216121/1.8"CCDColor or Mono
Lu3753.12048 x 1536121/2"CMOSColor
Lw5655.02448 x 20488.5>2/3”CCDColor or Mono
Lw5755.02592 x 194471/2.5”CMOSColor or Mono
Lm1105910.74008 x 26724.335 mmCCDColor or Mono

USB 2.0 Board Level Camera Modules

Camera ModelMPResolutionFrame Rate cOptical FormatSensorColor/ MonoLens Mount
Lu070VGA640 x 480601/3"CCDColor or MonoC, CS
Lu1701.31280 x 1024301/2"CMOSMonoC, CS
Lu1011.31280 x 1024151/2"CMOSMonoC, CS, M-12
Lu1001.31280 x 1024151/2"CMOSMonoC, CS
Lu1711.31280 x 1024301/2"CMOSMonoC, CS, M-12
Lw1101.31280 x 1024301/3"CMOSColorC, CS
Lw130R1.41392 x 1040301/2"CCDColor or MonoC, CS
Lw160R1.41392 x 1040302/3"CCDColor or MonoC, CS
Lu1301.41392 x 1040151/2"CCDColor or MonoC,CS
Lu1601.41392 x 1040152/3"CCDColor or MonoC,CS
Lu2002.01600 x 1200101/2"CMOSColorC,CS
Lw2302.01616 x 1216121/1.8"CCDColor or MonoC, CS
Lu3703.12048 x 1536121/2"CMOSColorC, CS
Lu3713.12048 x 1536121/2"CMOSColorC, CA, M-12
Lw5605.02448 x 20488.5>2/3”CCDColor or MonoC, CS
Lw5705.02592 x 194471/2.5”CMOSColor or MonoC, CS

Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Cameras

Camera ModelMPResolutionFrame Rate cOptical FormatSensorColor/ Mono
Lg11059114008 x 2672535 mmCCDColor or Mono

Ethernet Cameras

Camera ModelMPResolutionFrame Rate cOptical FormatSensitivityCompression TypePixel PitchSensorColor/ MonoLens Mount
Le1651.41376 x 103215 fps2/3”0.01 luxMJPEG6.45µmCCDColor or MonoCS*
* optional c-mount adapter available