Logos and Guidelines

Lumenera’s name and visual identity are symbols of how much we have achieved in the past and where we are going in the future. Our signature represents our position in the camera and imaging sector as a unique, bold and caring company.

Lumenera's logo elements must not be altered and no new elements may be added without approval from Lumenera’s Marketing Department. To download Lumenera logos, choose the appropriate link below:

  • For print please choose the high resolution TIF or JPEG file.
  • For screen please choose the JPEG or GIF file.
  • For a scalable vector graphic please choose the EPS file.


Lumenera Logo
Lumenera Logo
: JPG, TIF, GIF, EPS, Black & White EPS

SKYnyx Logo
SKYnyx Logo: JPG, TIF , GIF, EPS , Black & White EPS

If you require assistance, please contact Lumenera's Marketing Department at (613) 736-4077 or email marketing@lumenera.com.

Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Always use the electronic or hard copy reproduction art provided to reproduce the Lumenera signature.
  • Scanning, redrawing, stretching or changing the signature in any way is not permitted.
  • Keep all elements of the signature together. The Lumenera star must not be used on its own without permission. The Lumenera logotype must not be used without Lumenera star.
  • Enlarge or reduce the full signature proportionately. For example, do not change the size of the Lumenera logotype in relation to the Lumenera star, or vice versa.
  • Always position the signature in a clear area free from other text and graphics.
  • Use only the official corporate colours when reproducing the signature in more than one colour.

Lumenera Official Colours

Lumenera Blue: Equivalent to PANTONE® 2935
Lumenera Yellow: Equivalent to PANTONE® 109
Lumenera Red: Equivalent to PANTONE® 201 C
Lumenera Green: Equivalent to PANTONE® 369
Lumenera SKYnyx Purple: Equivalent to PANTONE® 268

Note that the star is a gradation from Lumenera Yellow to Lumenera Red. Wherever possible, the Lumenera signature should appear in its official colours on a white or off-white background.

Official Lumenera Logo

The Lumenera Shadow logo is the official Lumenera logo. Only use the Lumenera no-shadow version for Power Point Presentations where the logo will appear transparent or in cases where the logo will appear small. This logo can be obtained directly from Lumenera’s Marketing Department.

One Color Usage

When the Lumenera Corporate logo appears in one colour, the signature may be all black or all white.

Official Typefaces

The Lumenera logo is created in the following typefaces:

  • “Lumen” is Helvetica neue bold
  • “era” is Cochin Bold Italic