In the event that you should have any difficulties with your Lumenera camera, please contact the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) using the submission button below. Please note that an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number is required for any products being returned to Lumenera.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM EST to 5:30PM EST
Tel: +1 613-736-4077 (press 2 from the auto-attendant)

Request an RMA

NOTE: If you have purchased your Lumenera camera through a dealer or distributor, please contact them first to determine what their repair/return policy is.

RMA Process

  • Request an RMA to initialize the process. Lumenera’s goal is to diagnose, repair and return your product in the most efficient manner possible. To help us do so, please provide us with as much information as possible. (Note: if this link does not open an e-mail template, please follow the instructions listed below).
  • You will be assigned a case number and a TAC representative will contact you directly.
  • Our Application Engineer (AE) will work with you in real time to try and resolve your issue/s and prevent you from having to return your product.
  • In the event that your camera does have to be returned to Lumenera, your AE will provide you with an RMA number. Via e-mail you will receive your shipping label, pre-filled shipping paperwork and instructions regarding the return of your product.
  • Package and ship back your product to Lumenera. See "Preparing your Camera for Shipment" section below.
  • Upon receipt of your product, it will pass through triage for initial evaluation based on the information you provided. At this time, repair and maintenance charges will apply if:
    a) A product/camera is outside the warranty period
    b) The diagnosis of the problem reveals that the fault results from mishandling by the customer
  • If applicable, TAC will contact you with a repair quote for approval, prior to the repair work being performed. No work will commence until formal written approval has been received.
  • Repairs are completed; the camera is tested and cleaned for return to the customer.
  • When the product ships, you will receive an automated e-mail specifying the date of shipment and the FedEx tracking number.
  • During this process, you can use your assigned case number to track the progress of your RMA through our ERP system.

Preparing Your Camera for Shipment

  • Attach the supplied shipping label to the outside of your package. Product returned without an RMA label will be refused by shipping and returned to the originator.
  • To ensure the protection and validity of your warranty, all products must be shipped in their original packaging, which includes an anti-static bag.
  • If original packaging is not available, you must pack the product in a solid shipping box and tightly pad the area around the unit in the box to prevent it from shifting during transportation.
  • Important: Proper ESD handling must be followed for all board level cameras, including placing each product in an anti-static bag. The warranty will be considered void on any non-enclosed camera products received without proper ESD protection.

RMA Shipping Charges

  • Shipping charges for returning product to Lumenera are the responsibility of the customer. Lumenera provides accurate and clear paperwork for customers to use when returning product. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their returning product will clear customs by providing their courier with all required paperwork. Lumenera will not accept any COD products under RMA. Any COD RMA products will be refused.
  • Warranty Product: Lumenera covers the return shipping costs back to the customer.
  • Out-of-warranty/voided warranty repairs and maintenance: Shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility and charges will be added to the repair invoice.

Repair Time

Most camera repairs are completed within 10 business days of being received at Lumenera. Delays can be introduced into the process under conditions such as:

  • When specific components or parts must be special-ordered to complete the repair
  • When awaiting additional details from the customer on the symptoms or conditions surrounding the reported issue
  • When obtaining customer approval on repair quotes

Alternate E-mail RMA Submission Method

If the e-mail template does not appear when you click on the "Request an RMA" link, please use your own e-mail to send a message to support@lumenera.com and include the following details:

  • Ensure the term “Request for RMA” is in the subject line of your e-mail
  • Provide the name of your Company or Organization
  • Include your name, e-mail address, and phone number
  • Identify the total number of cameras being returned
  • For each camera being returned, include the following:
    • Serial Number (USB cameras) or MAC address (Network cameras)
    • A detailed description of the Issue. Please include any diagnostic steps that reproduce the problem within the supplied camera interfaces such as LuCam, INFINITY CAPTURE, or the Network camera web interface.
    • Camera Model
    • Date of purchase (if known)
  • Attach screen shots or other captured images to your RMA request, to best illustrate the problem with the camera(s). For Network cameras please include a dump of the info.sh file from the camera.

Advanced Replacement Loaner Program

If you are in possession of an INFINITY camera that has a valid extended warranty activated, then you are entitled to a one-time advanced replacement loaner camera to minimize any down time while the camera is being repaired.

Only one advanced warranty replacement is permitted per camera. If the camera reported to be defective is found to be in good working condition upon inspection, then you will be charged a minimum repair fee of US$250.

To proceed with a warranty claim, follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Follow the standard RMA process as outlined in the RMA Process section for the defective camera and request a loaner camera.
  • The advanced replacement camera must be secured (funds hold) via credit card before it will be shipped.
  • Customer is responsible for the costs associated to shipping the loaner camera to the customer’s location. Shipping fees are calculated based on location where the camera will be shipped.
  • The defective camera must be shipped to Lumenera with the assigned RMA number at customer expense within 15 days of receiving the loaner camera.
  • The defective camera will be repaired or replaced at Lumenera’s discretion and then returned to customer at Lumenera’s expense.
  • The loaner camera must be returned to Lumenera with the assigned RMA at the customer’s expense within 15 days of receiving the repaired camera. Cameras returned later than 15 days will be subject to a US$250 late penalty. The customer will be charged the full list price for the loaner camera if it is not received by Lumenera within 30 days of the customer receiving the repaired camera.
  • Once the loaner camera is received by Lumenera and confirmed to be in good working condition with no physical damage, a refund to the same credit card will be issued.