MATLAB Image Acquisition

v 2.1.0

    This updated Lumenera MATLAB Plug-In has been updated to support the latest versions of MatLab 64-bit. For more details on the release changes, please refer to the read me text file which is included in the installation software.

    Determine Which Software Version You Need:

    1) Current Version 2.1.0: Tested with Matlab 2017a/b (64 bit versions). Includes added support for additional cameras.

    2) Previous Version 2.0.1: Tested with Matlab 2010 support (32 or 64 bit).

    Software Requirements: 

    For Industrial Products, Lucam Software and Software Development Kit V6.8.1 or Greater

    For INFINITY Products, INFINITY ANALYZE and CAPTURE for Windows V6.5.4 or Greater

    Download Drivers & Software