v 6.5.6

    This INFINITY software package installs both the INFINITY ANALYZE and INFINITY CAPTURE/TWAIN applications. Please refer to the release notes for an overview of all the changes included in this release.

    The INFINITY Software operates on 32 and 64-bit platforms running Windows 10 (Enterprise Platform and Standard), 8.1, and 7 operating systems. Updated copies of the INFINITY ANALYZE User’s Manual and the INFINITY CAPTURE User’s Manual are installed with the software.


    a. INFINITY CAPTURE application has been updated to v 6.5.6 and fully supports previous camera models as well as the addition of INFINITY-EP, INFINITY5-3, and INFINITY5-5.

    b. INFINITY ANALYZE application has been updated to v 6.5.5 (and is included in the v 6.5.6 install), fully supporting all previous INFINITY camera models and the INFINITY-EP. INFINITY ANALYZE 6.5.5 includes only limited support for the INFINITY5-3 and INFINITY5-5 camera models.

    c. For Mac computer users, see the separate installation for INFINITY CAPTURE for Mac v 6.3.2.

    d. If upgrading INFINITY software from a release prior to 6.0.0, refer to this INFINITY ANALYZE Multiuser Upgrade Technical Note for information and instructions on migrating any calibration presets files and database files to a new location.

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