Ordering Options: What does “-SCI” mean?

Ordering Options: What does “-SCI” mean?

Scientific, or “–SCI,” grade cameras are just one of the many options available when ordering an industrial camera from Lumenera. But what does it mean?

Our scientific cameras are manufactured with microscopy-grade glass and are built, cleaned and tested on a collimated light source for a more stringent quality control process to ensure optimal imaging performance when used on a microscopy platform.

Lumenera has extensive knowledge in manufacturing sophisticated scientific cameras that are used in microscopy and life sciences applications. Our unique knowledge and skills include: low noise design, rigid assembly procedures, calibration techniques, testing and quality control, all geared towards achieving exceptional performance and consistency.

Lumenera cameras meet stringent FCC Class B and CE EMI certification requirements which are critical to obtaining FDA and other type approvals.

When considering our industrial cameras for life-science applications, we recommend you purchase with the –SCI option. Speak to a sales representative to discuss how Lumenera can best meet your requirements.