v 1.0.1

    The INFINITYHD camera provides full color, high definition (2 megapixel) video directly to a 1080p60 monitor via HDMI. The camera does not require a connection to a computer to operate. The INFINITYHD generates a video stream directly to a monitor at 60 frames per second with 1080 lines of resolution. Three buttons mounted on the camera provide the ability to turn the power on/off, perform a white balance operation, or to capture an image. To capture an image, the camera must be connected to a PC with the supplied USB 2.0 cable, and the INFINITYHD CAPTURE application software must be running. The camera device drivers and the INFINITYHD CAPTURE application are included in this download. For additional information on the INFINITYHD camera consult the FAQ section of the web site. The INFINITYHD camera does not stream video over the USB 2.0 cable, and is not compatible with the INFINITY CAPTURE or ANALYZE software packages.

    The INFINITYHD CAPTURE application now includes the option to set the camera output to be rotated by 180 degrees. Refer to the Quick Start Guide for additional details.

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