High-Speed, Digital Microscopy Camera Designed for Electrophysiology

INFINITY3S Lumenera's INFINITY-EP digital camera is a cost-effective solution with excellent near IR sensitivity and responsivity. This camera produces crisp, incredibly low noise images and videos are delivered at high frame rates with zero lag. Lumenera's Advanced Thermal Management Technology (ATMT) eliminates dark current noise, providing high-contrast imaging that facilitates the accurate placement of electrodes in tissue samples for electrophysiology applications.

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Lumenera is a proud partner of the University of Ottawa and Dr. Jon G. Houseman of the Biology Department. This partnership enables the biology students at the University to excel in their studies through access to state-of-the-art camera technology provided by Lumenera's INFINITY line of microscopy cameras.

We are excited to showcase the exceptional talent of the 2017 biology students and to offer a prize for the best photo taken in the "Pick of the Pics" Contest! View their lab images here.



Lumenera's INFINITY Cameras Chosen by US Geological Survey for North American Macroinvertebrate Digital Reference Collection

The United States Geological Survey (USGS), a scientific agency of the U.S. government, studies and reports on the health of our ecosystems and the impact of natural hazards on our environment and natural resources. As part of their research, the USGS has a specialized department that studies aquatic macroinvertebrates from across the country. Studying these specimens can reveal a great deal about the health and status of their surrounding ecosystem.

For example, if a certain species can only survive in water with low pollution levels, conclusions can be drawn that the presence of this species indicates that the waterway is healthy and that pollution levels are low. However, in order to make accurate observations, the specimen must be correctly identified. This can be a difficult task that requires training and expertise.

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Sensitivity vs. Frame Rate in Low Light Imaging

BiteSizeBio LogoWhen selecting a digital microscope camera for applications where a live preview in real time is crucial, such as electrophysiology, the sensitivity of the camera is a key factor as it can often affect the camera's ability to run at its maximum speed.

There is a direct correlation between the camera's frame rate and its exposure time: the maximum attainable frame rate in frames per second (fps) cannot surpass 1 divided by the exposure time in seconds. As an example, if a camera's maximum frame rate is 30 fps but the exposure time is set to 100ms to obtain a sufficiently bright image, it will be impossible for the camera to run at that frame rate.

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Understanding Resolution in Digital Microscopy

INFINITY3SUnderstanding the optical properties of your microscopy equipment will help you select the right digital camera for your microscope with the proper resolution for your specific application. Indeed, it is the properties of the microscope and not the camera that define the smallest resolvable detail in a slide.

As light travels through a small opening, it is subject to a phenomenon called diffraction. This is when light rays start to diverge from the incident axis and interfere with one another. The smaller the opening, the more pronounced the impact of diffraction. As the rays of light diverge, they travel different distances to their target- in this case, the camera's image sensor.

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Lumenera at USCAP 2017

At The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting 2017, Lumenera featured our high speed 6 megapixel INFINITY3-6UR camera, demonstrating its amazing color reproduction and high resolution ideal for pathology applications.


Lumenera at SPIE Photonics West 2017

At SPIE Photonics West 2017, Lumenera demonstrated our new large format, high resolution camera and our Pregius global shutter CMOS camera.



European Light Microscope Initiative Annual Meeting 2017

Lumenera will be exhibiting
May 23-27, 2017
Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Photonics North 2017

Lumenera will be exhibiting
June 6-8, 2017
Ottawa, Canada
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Canadian Pathology Association Annual Meeting 2017

Lumenera will be exhibiting
June 11-12
Charlottetown, Canada
Event website

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