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New INFINITY3 series camera based on Sony ICX825 Sensor

INFINITY3S Lumenera is currently developing the INFINITY3S-1UR, a best-in-class USB 3.0 microscopy camera based on Sony’s new ICX825 1.4 megapixel CCD sensor. Sony has made several improvements on the popular ICX285 sensor design by including the EXview HAD CCD IITM structure with the ICX825 sensor to provide a much higher performance while maintaining the 6.45 x 6.45 µm pixel size.

Key performance improvements for the ICX825 include:

• 6dB increase in dynamic range vs ICX285
• 7dB improvement in QE at 850nm in the NIR range vs ICX285
• Increased sensitivity thus reducing exposure time and reducing photo bleaching in fluorescence applications
• Increased frame rate of over 60fps vs 30fps for the ICX285

color reproduction white paper


Watch for the INFINITY3S-1UR coming this fall!

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color reproduction white paper

Lumenera's newest white paper examines factors affecting color reproduction in scientific images and includes a practical 'HOW TO' section on optimizing color performance in a Lumenera USB camera.

EXCERPT: Through our eyes, seeing is not always believing. Under different lighting conditions, we tend to see the same objects as having the same color. For example, an apple will appear red whether it is lit by daylight or candlelight and a white sheet of paper will be perceived as being white regardless of the light source. This is something that we do subconsciously and is known as ‘color constancy’ or ‘chromatic adaptation’. Our eyes receive light via two photoreceptors: cones and rods. The visual cortex processes this information and color constancy allows our brains to recognize objects regardless of lighting conditions.

This is all very well when we are interacting with the ever-changing contrast of the world around us. However, when it comes to viewing microscopic specimens with a monitor or capturing microscopy images with a camera, the colors we perceive down the eyepieces will differ to those viewed on the screen or captured by the camera.

Read the white paper here.


why do researchers choose INFINITY?

Lumenera's INFINITY microscopy cameras have been deployed all around the world for use in the most cutting-edge life science and clinical research. Several accredited online publications have featured articles on Lumenera's cameras, attesting to the high quality images and performance capabilities of the INFINITY camera line.

Read more about the real-life applications where INFINITY cameras are used.



the dress photoIn February 2015, a photo of a dress captivated the world of social media. The controversy behind the dress: What colour is it? Millions of people across the internet chimed in to express their opinion, polarizing people into two separate camps: White and Gold vs. Black and Blue.

In the end, the dress was confirmed to be black and blue but “The Dress” controversy certainly sparked an interesting debate and prompted news media to consult a range of experts to offer explanations as to why people could not agree on the colours of the dress.

Experts say that everyone perceives colour differently, and studies have shown that we interpret images differently when we view them on a TV or computer monitor compared to how we see them in print form. However, if we set aside the explanations relating to the anatomy of the human eye, and instead examine the “anatomy” of a digital camera, we can easily demonstrate how this controversy came to be.

Read the full blog post here.



webinar screen captureLumenera recently sponsored the Bitesize Bio Webinar: "What Do I Really Need From My Microscope Camera?"

If you missed the live webinar, we have a recorded copy for you to check out on our site!

In this webinar you will learn: What is important when choosing an all-purpose camera for your widefield microscope.

Overview: If you ask any vendor which camera is the best one for your microscope, they will usually tell you that it depends on your application. But this is only a helpful response if if you are setting up a microscope for a very specific application. If you plan to use your microscope for many different applications (either in a larger lab group or in a core facility), then you really need help choosing the best general-purpose camera that meets your budget. In this talk, I’ll build on an earlier webinar on cameras by Doug Richardson, but narrowing in on the most important considerations for choosing an all-purpose camera for your widefield microscope.

Click here to watch a recorded copy of the webinar.



Lumenera will be exhibiting at Neuroscience 2015:

Neuroscience 2015 will take place October 17-21 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Join more than 30,000 colleagues from more than 80 countries at the world’s largest marketplace of ideas and tools for global neuroscience. Lumenera will be showing their latest USB 3.0 microscopy cameras. Don’t miss out!

Neuroscience 2015 logoNeuroscience 2015
October 17-21, 2015
McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
Booth #517

For a full list of upcoming events, please visit our events page. If you would like to visit us at one of these shows, we are pleased to arrange complimentary trade show passes if available. Please contact us for availability.


New software Release: INFINITY ANALYZE 6.5.2

This INFINITY software installation package provides updates for both the INFINITY ANALYZE and INFINITY CAPTURE applications. Bug fixes and enhancements have been incorporated into both of these software programs, including the TWAIN variant of INFINITY CAPTURE, as release 6.5.2 release. Improvements to the INFINITY ANALYZE application consist of additional processing options added to the Multispectral Capture wizard, for greater performance and versatility.

To learn more, or download a copy of the software please visit the Microscopy Downloads page.

New software Release: INFINITY CAPTURE MAC SOFTWARE v5.1.2

The INFINITY camera models offer live preview, camera control, and image capture on a Mac computer, using either the INFINITY CAPTURE for Mac application or as a plug-in to ImageJ. For more details or to download the latest software INFINITY Capture for Mac Software v5.1.2, please visit the Microscopy Downloads page.



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