Microscopy Camera Downloads

Lumenera's download center provides customers with the most current versions of our software releases. Refer to your User's Manual for instructions on software upgrade procedures, or access our Knowledge Base for instructions.

Important notes that apply to software Installations for USB-based cameras on Windows platforms:
  1. 1. Ensure that you choose the option to Save the installation file to your local computer.
  2. DO NOT use the option to Run the install from the browser.
  3. 2. Disconnect the camera’s USB cable (and external power, if used).
  4. 3. Log into the PC with an Account that has full Administrator privileges.
  5. 4. Execute the installation file using a right-mouse click, choosing the option Run as Administrator from the menu.
  6. 5. If a previous version of the software is detected, the installation script will advise you that it will be uninstalled. It may be necessary to re-launch the installation program a second time, following the un-install, if the process does not resume automatically. You may also uninstall the previous version of the software manually before proceeding with the installation of the newer version, but you will need to reboot your computer (if prompted) to ensure that you do not experience difficulties with future software upgrades.


INFINITY Camera Software v6.5.0 (35 MB)

This full INFINITY software installation package provides a new Multispectral Capture Wizard in INFINITY ANALYZE simplifying the process of capturing multi-channel images using color filters or microscope filter cubes in fluorescence applications. Additional enhancements to the INFINITY ANALYZE package in this release include: a single button to open or close the live preview window, a button that resets the settings under the Camera Control Extended panel, a new Camera menu, and the ability to perform a batch file conversion of SIF format images into other common formats. The INFINITY CAPTURE application provides options for new INFINITY3-3 and INFINITY3-6 camera models, and displays the file name in the window title as images are saved to disk. Refer to the Release Notes for an overview of all the changes included in this release.

The INFINITY Software operates on 32 & 64-bit platforms running Windows 8, 7, VISTA, or XP operating systems. Updated copies of the INFINITY ANALYZE User’s Manual and the INFINITY CAPTURE User’s Manual are installed with the SW.

Access the latest INFINITY3-3UR Product Firmware.

**IMPORTANT NOTE ** (a) INFINITY ANALYZE includes language support for Latin Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and French; however, the Multispectral Capture Wizard is only available in English at this time. (b) If upgrading INFINITY software from a release prior to 6.0.0, refer to this Technical Note for information and instructions on migrating any calibration presets files to a new location. (c) The INFINITY release 6.5.0 is only available for the Windows operating system.

The INFINITY ANALYZE package operates in Demo mode when no INFINITY camera is attached to act as the license key. If an unlicensed INFINITY camera is used with INFINITY ANALYZE, it will not be possible to save any images. An Advanced Features USB-Key is required to unlock the two Advanced Features (Multi-Focus Composition & Spherical Aberration Correction) which otherwise run in demo mode only. Contact the support team if you have any questions regarding the INFINITY camera applications.

INFINITYHD Software v1.0.1 (78 MB)

The INFINITYHD camera provides full color, high definition (2 megapixel) video directly to a 1080p60 monitor via HDMI. The camera does not require a connection to a computer to operate. The INFINITYHD generates a video stream directly to a monitor at 60 frames per second with 1080 lines of resolution. Three buttons mounted on the camera provide the ability to turn the power on/off, perform a white balance operation, or to capture an image. To capture an image, the camera must be connected to a PC with the supplied USB 2.0 cable, and the INFINITYHD CAPTURE application software must be running. The camera device drivers and the INFINITYHD CAPTURE application are included in this download. For additional information on the INFINITYHD camera consult the FAQ section of the web site. The INFINITYHD camera does not stream video over the USB 2.0 cable, and is not compatible with the INFINITY CAPTURE or ANALYZE software packages.

The INFINITYHD CAPTURE application now includes the option to set the camera output to be rotated by 180 degrees. Refer to the Quick Start Guide for additional details.

INFINITY ANALYZE for Mac v6.2.0 (5 MB)

Click on the link above to open the INFINITY ANALYZE for Mac Installation Guide document.  It includes links to download the installation package and to access the INFINITY ANALYZE for Mac Quick Start Guide and User Manual documents. These documents contain everything that you may need to complete the install and get started with the application software.  Note:  This is the preliminary release of INFINITY ANALYZE for Mac.  A minimum of Mac OS X 10.7 is required to run this application.  A User Manual is not yet available, so please refer to the Quick Start Guide.  We are looking for your feedback on this package as we work to extend the functionality in coming releases.

INFINITY Mac Software v5.1.0 (4 MB)

Download the necessary software to run an INFINITY camera on an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.6 and greater.

INFINITY Mac Software v2.0.0 (4 MB)

Download the necessary software to run an INFINITY camera on an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5 and lower.

about this macHow can I tell what version of Mac OS X I have on my Mac?

Select 'About This Mac' from the Apple menu (the Apple icon in the top left), and a window will appear containing the Mac OS X version number.

Download the Media Cybernetics Driver


Media Cybernetics has also released the Lumenera Capture Interface v.9.0, adding support for Lumenera's INFINITY1-2 and INFINITY1-3 cameras in Image-Pro Premier 64-bit software. Learn more on the Media Cybernetics website.

Micro-Manager Plug-In v1.1.0 (2.07 MB)

The µManager integration of the INFINITY cameras allows full camera control and image acquisition, thereby extending the existing capabilities of Micro-Manager that provide image processing and analysis functions, and also offers control for motorized microscope stages. To download µManager or to obtain more information, or to obtain more information, www.micro-manager.org. A minimum version of µManager 1.4.20 for Windows (32 or 64-bit) is required. The Mac OS X version of Micro-Manager is not supported. All INFINITY camera models are recognized by the plug-in, however the pixel-shifting options for INFINITYX camera models are not supported. Refer to the Installation Guide for instructions on installing the plug-in. The Quick Start Guide provides the necessary steps to get started.

MetaMorph® Interface for INFINITY Camera Models (252 KB)

Lumenera’s INFINITY2-1, INFINITY2-2, INFINITY2-5, INFINITY3-1 and INFINITY3-1U camera models can now be accessed directly from the MetaMorph® Software from Molecular Devices, providing direct camera control and image acquisition. This integration of the INFINITY cameras will allow licensed users of the MetaMorph®Software to immediately access the advanced set of image processing and analysis features on captured images. This package works with both the MetaMorph and MetaMorph NX Software suites.

The download package includes the necessary instructions to install and configure the MetaMorph interface.

National Instruments LabVIEW Plug-In v4.0.0

This Lumenera Plug-in allows the creation of LabVIEW Vi routines that can be used to control all Lumenera USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and GigE cameras. It now supports LabVIEW 32-bit and 64-bit versions from release 2010 to release 2014. This plug-in requires the installation of LabVIEW, the NI Vision Development Module, and the applicable Lumenera Software for your camera model. Please note that this new plug-in will not support older LabVIEW programs. If you have any questions about LabVIEW, contact National Instruments directly at www.ni.com. If you have any camera specific questions please contact our TAC team at support@lumenera.com. The Lumenera LabVIEW plug-in Installation Guide for each release can be found within the zip files below.

Lumenera USB 2.0 Camera Adaptor for MATLAB Image Acquisition v2.0.1 (3 MB)

This updated Lumenera MATLAB Plug-In has been updated to support the latest versions of MatLab for 32 & 64-bit. Please refer to the text file included for instructions on how to install this software and the specific versions of MatLab that are newly supported. Also included in this update are new camera API functions, updates to existing functions, and sample MatLab scripts that demonstrate how to use Lumenera cameras using MatLab.

INFINITY Driver Package v6.3.0 (12.7 MB)

INFINITY camera device drivers are required on any Windows computer, in order for the camera to be recognized by the PC. When an INFINITY camera is to be used with any 3rd Party Software package that does not include these device drivers as part of the software installation, the package of INFINITY Camera device drivers should be downloaded and installed. This package does not include either the INFINITY CAPTURE or INFINITY ANALYZE application software to control the camera. Save the installation package to your local computer before running it.  

Lumenera Camera Software Development Kit (SDK)

Separate purchase and password required. Contact us for more information.

Lumenera’s Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides you with a complete, comprehensive set of software tools to easily and quickly integrate our imaging solutions into your applications. With this SDK you have the ability to create a single application that can command, control and acquire images from any of our USB and Gige cameras. Visit the industrial-downloads page for the latest version of the SDK.


  • WINDOWS, MAC & TWAIN Compliant
  • Software compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Mac OS X 10.7, 32 and 64-bit operating systems.
  • A generic TWAIN driver for all INFINITY cameras allows communication with the most popular third party software. Also available is a Mac quick-time plug-in that enables direct camera control through ImageJ, NIH’s Imaging Software.
  • FAQs
  • Our FAQ section is open to anyone needing general information on our products.