Lumenera Software Development Kit (SDK)

v 6.3.1

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This file is password protected. You will need to enter this password on the first dialog of the installation process.

    Please make note of this password before you begin your download:

    Password: capellacourt

    Once your download is ready, you will be re-directed to Lumenera's Hightail FTP account, which is where the Lumenera Camera Software Development Kit (SDK) v6.3.1 is hosted.

    Lumenera is pleased to offer our SDK software package as a free download from our website, however there may be a charge to customers requiring integration support. Please contact or your sales representative for more details.

    This package provides the necessary files, documentation and tools to build and develop applications for all Lumenera USB-based and GigE products. Sample applications have been updated to support the new USB 3.0 products, including the addition of a new C++ sample that illustrates how to configure network settings for Lumenera GigE cameras. The Lumenera Application Programmer Interface (API) is a common set of tools and camera controls that is easy-to-learn. It allows you to develop an application for one camera model and then easily integrate other camera models as needed. The same interface is used for all Windows operating systems and supports both 32 and 64-bit environments. Offering the ability to stream raw, compressed or filtered image data, the Lumenera Camera SDK can control how and where to send video or snapshot image streams. You can display the image stream to a window created by the API or to one under your own application’s control, and/or stream directly to an AVI file. The API also provides the ability to add your own callback functions to the image data streams for inline processing and can signal event structures to notify you of changes in I/O activity or camera disconnects. Consult the Lumenera Cameras SDK Release Notes for the complete summary of additions and improvements available in this release.

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