v 6.3.2

    The INFINITY camera models offer live preview, camera control, and image capture on a Mac computer, using either the INFINITY CAPTURE for Mac application or as a plug-in to ImageJ. This update is primarily to provide support for the INFINITY5-3 and INFINITY5-5 camera models, but does also include some improvements to the CAPTURE interface. You can find an overview of what is new in this latest version of INFINITY CAPTURE for Mac, the release notes.

    Before downloading the latest v 6.3.2 software, read these quick and easy steps to get you started:

    Step 1) Confirm your Mac OS X is 10.9 or greater. Locate the version number through the "About this Mac" menu in the blue Apple icon in the upper left-hand corner of your desktop.

    Step 2) If using ImageJ (Optional): Download and install ImageJ (a free 3rd-party software package) from:

    Step 3) Verify Software Location: Ensure the ImageJ folder resides in the applications folder on your Mac. Full instructions on ImageJ installation are provided on their website.

    Step 4) Open the installation instructions and read about using the software. (You will want to keep this open in a browser tab or download to your desktop).

    Step 5) Download INFINITY MAC Software v 6.3.2 and follow the installation instructions from Step 4.

    Determine Which Software Version You Need:

    1) Current Version 6.3.2: If you are running Mac OS X 10.12 and greater, and you have either an INFINITY5-3 or INFINITY5-5 camera model, you will need to download version 6.3.2.

    2) Previous Version 6.3.1: If you are running Mac OS X10.9 or greater, with any supported INFINITY camera (other than the INFINITY5-3, or the INFINITY5-5) you will need to download version 6.3.1.


    - The INFINITYX, INFINITYHD and the INFINITY2-3C cameras are not compatible with the Mac release of INFINITY CAPTURE.

    - If your Mac OS X is not 10.9 or greater contact the Lumenera Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) team to determine which version of the software is required for an older OS.

    Download Drivers & Software