v 6.3.1

    Before you download the software, be sure to access the INFINITY ANALYZE for Mac Release Notes and User Manual documents and save for future reference.

    Follow these simple steps once you’ve downloaded the installation (DMG) file:

    1. Double click on the downloaded DMG file to launch the installation dialog
    2. Drag the INFINITY icon and release it over the icon for the Applications folder
    3. Close the installation dialog and connect the INFINITY camera
    4. Launch INFINITY ANALYZE from the Applications folder


    A minimum of Mac OS X 10.9 is required to run this application.


    Note: The INFINITY5-5, INFINITY5-3, INFINITYEP, INFINITYX, INFINITYHD, and the INFINITY2-3C cameras are not compatible with the Mac release of INFINITY ANALYZE. The INFINITYLite camera does not include a license to operate with the INFINITY ANALYZE software, but an add-on license can be purchased separately.

    Download Drivers & Software