v 6.5.4

    This complete INFINITY software installation package includes minor updates for both the INFINITY ANALYZE and INFINITY CAPTURE/TWAIN applications. Please refer to the Release Notes for an overview of all the changes included in this release, and in previous releases.

    The INFINITY Software operates on 32 & 64-bit platforms running Windows 10, 8, 7, VISTA, or XP operating systems. Updated copies of the INFINITY ANALYZE User’s Manual and the INFINITY CAPTURE User’s Manual are installed with the SW.

    **IMPORTANT NOTE ** (a) INFINITY ANALYZE language files have not been updated for changes made since release 6.5.0, other than for the English or Chinese language choices. The Multispectral Capture Wizard is only available in English at this time. (b) If upgrading INFINITY software from a release prior to 6.0.0, refer to this refer to this Technical Note for information and instructions on migrating any calibration presets files to a new location. (c) The INFINITY release 6.5.4 is only available for the Windows operating system.

    The INFINITY ANALYZE package operates in Demo mode when no INFINITY camera is attached to act as the license key. If an unlicensed INFINITY camera is used with INFINITY ANALYZE, it will not be possible to save any images. An Advanced Features USB-Key is required to unlock the two Advanced Features (Multi-Focus Composition & Spherical Aberration Correction) which otherwise run in demo mode only. Contact the Lumenera Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) support team if you have any questions regarding the INFINITY camera applications.

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