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White Papers

embedded system
Building an Outdoor-Ready Vision System
Key considerations when designing and implementing an outdoor-ready smart imaging system
camera lens
Selecting a Lens for a Vision System
A Comprehensive Technical Guide to Selecting a Lens to Meet the Unique Requirements of Your Vision System
camera lens
Designing A Vision System
A Comprehensive Guide to the Technical Requirements for Building a Vision System for Your Unique Imaging Application
pathologist looking into microscope
Digital Pathology
A primer for microscope camera selection
colored crayons
The Importance of Color Reproduction in Scientific Images
Factors affecting color reproduction and how to optimize color performance
USB 3.0 cable
The Dusk of Fire-Wire, The Dawn of USB 3.0
Advancements and critical aspects of camera interfaces for next generation vision systems
eye scan
High-Speed Imaging
An in-depth look at USB 3.0 cameras & technical specifications
USB 3.0 cable
Featured in Microscopy Solutions:
Is Cooled the Rule for CCDs?
by James Jonkman
"For rigourous life sciences research, which applications require a cooled CCD, and which ones do not?"

Solution Sheets

Laptop, tablet, cellphone
Flat Panel Inspection
  • Featured Cameras: Lt1265R, Lt16059H, Lt29059
Optical Metrology in Manufacturing
  • Featured Camera: INFINITY3-3URM
woman and microscope
Digital Pathology
  • Featured Cameras: INFINITY2-5, INFINITY3-3UR, INFINITY3-6UR