Infinity Advantage Pack

The INFINITY ADVANTAGE PACK (IAP) allows you to access software from any PC, unleashes additional software features, and provides peace of mind with advanced hardware replacement and a 5-year warranty for INFINITY cameras.


INFINITY ANALYZE USB Key: Use INFINITY ANALYZE software on any Windows computer with the USB key in place. Simply download the software from, and insert the USB key for complete access to all core features.

Advanced Hardware Replacement: Lumenera will ship an advanced hardware replacement unit within the warranty period once Lumenera’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) has verified the camera is eligible for return. In the event that the same camera model is no longer available, Lumenera will offer an equivalent or better camera model on loan until your camera is repaired. Please be sure to visit the RMA and Warranty pages for important details on policies and responsibilities regarding the replacement unit.

INFINITY Extended Care: Extends the standard warranty to 5 years for INFINITY camera hardware. Details can be found on the Warranty section of our site.

Note: Your INFINITY Advantage Pack must be activated within 90 days of purchase.


Suitable for the following cameras: INFINITYliteB, 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-5, 2-1R, and HD**


Suitable for the following cameras: INFINITY2-2, 2-3, 2-5, 3-1, 3-1UR, 3-3UR, 3-6UR, 3S-1UR, 5-3, 5-5, X-32

In addition to the items listed above, the LuIAP-2 Advantage Pack also includes the INFINITY Advanced Features Module for Spherical Aberration Correction and Multi-Focus Composition:

Spherical Aberration Correction reduces the blur caused by the increased refraction of light rays hitting the lens near its edge. The final image closely resembles the areas where the light strikes near the center, resulting in crisp and clear images.

Multi-Focus Composition creates depth of focus using multiple images from a stereo or compound microscope. The resulting image is focused from top to bottom with seamless transitions.

Where to Buy:

At time of camera purchase, the IAP can be obtained directly from your reseller.
After camera purchase, you can buy the IAP directly from Lumenera within 30 days of camera sale.

Program Benefits:

  • No downtime waiting for your camera to ship and be repaired, in the unlikely event that your hardware fails
  • Access your software from any place, any time with the extra USB key
  • Spherical Aberration Correction and Multi Focus Composition with LuIAP-2
  • Peace of mind for 5 years with the extended warranty

Ordering Options:

  • LuIAP-1 — INFINITY Advantage Pack 1 (MSRP $250 USD)
  • LuIAP-2 — INFINITY Advantage Pack 2 (MSRP $500 USD)

*North American MSRP, excluding taxes and shipping. Duties and other costs may be incurred in other regions.

**For INFINITYHD Cameras: LuIAP-1 can be purchased, but many of the functions of INFINITY ANALYZE are not supported for the INFINITYHD camera.