High Resolution 29 Megapixel CCD USB 3.0 Camera

Lt16059HCurrently under development at Lumenera is the high resolution Lt29059 USB 3.0 camera. Built with a high resolution 35 mm format CCD sensor, with a fully global electronic shutter, the Lt29059 captures excellent quality, high-resolution images with zero blur. The KAI-29050 CCD sensor from ON Semiconductor provides excellent dynamic range, low smear and excellent color reproduction.

Completely integrated Canon EF lens controller offers increased longevity and durability (no external cabling is required). The industrial-grade Lt29059 is ideally suited for applications requiring high resolution such as: intelligent traffic systems, high-resolution industrial inspection, wide-area surveillance, and aerial photogrammetry for fixed-wing UAVs.

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COMING IN Q3-2016: Lt1265R

Compact, High Resolution 12 Megapixel CCD USB 3.0 Camera

Lt16059HLumenera's Lt1265R extends the popular high-performance Sony EXview HAD II Lt camera series to 12 megapixels with a 1" optical format. Its high-speed USB 3.0 interface can deliver 4K2K ultra-high definition (UHD) images (max: 4230 x 2832 resolution) at an industry-leading 15 fps.

The ICX834 sensor with Sony's EXview HAD CCD II pixel architecture provides impressive quantum efficiency and near infrared response (NIR) even though the pixels are only 3.1 um in size. This camera is ideal for applications where one needs high resolution with a small form factor, high quality, low noise images and reliable operation, such as: UAV & aerial imaging, high resolution surveillance, machine vision inspection, high resolution fluorescence imaging, whole slide imaging, and intelligent traffic solutions. It is available in color or monochrome.

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Lumenera has launched the Lumenera Linux SDK 2.1, a new software development kit designed for embedded platforms using Linux OS with ARM Cortex processors.

Combining powerful features with reliable performance, the Lumenera Linux SDK 2.1 software maximizes the high-speed, high-resolution features of Lumenera's USB 3.0 cameras. Lumenera chose to formally support Ubuntu Linux with their cameras as it is used by many development teams around the world because of its strong presence globally, versatility, reliability, and extensive developer libraries. Ubuntu has regular Long Term Support (LTS) releases that are supported for five years, making it an ideal choice for developers.

This release officially supports the Lt225, Lt425, Lt365R, Lt665R, Lt965R, Lt1265R, Lt16059H, Lm11059 cameras, as well as the soon-to-be released Lt29059. It also supports Ubuntu (versions 14.04.03, 14.04.04 and 12.04.05) on 32 and 64-bit x86 platforms as well as Jetson TK1, Odroid-XU3/XU4, and Raspberry Pi2/3 ARM platforms. Furthermore, it has the same common API call format as Lumenera's Windows SDK and Linux 2.0 SDK for easy migration between platforms.

Lumenera Linux SDK 2.1 is now available. Contact info@lumenera.com with your imaging requirements, or click here for more information.




At Lumenera we go beyond the camera, taking pride in how we value and satisfy on-going customer needs. We also take great pride in the superior quality of all our products and services that we have to offer.

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Lumenera's Industrial USB 3.0 Lt16059H Cameras Selected as Imaging Solution to Monitor Traffic Violations

Lt16059HThe right camera can make or break an Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) application. Too much noise, inaccurate timing, and insufficient sensitivity can all adversely impact the data quality and reliability of an Intelligent Traffic System. The selection of imaging equipment must be done under careful consideration of a wide range of characteristics to ensure accurate data is received for applications such as Red Light Enforcement, Automated Tolling, and Automated Speed Enforcement.

To successfully perform in the domain of ITS, the camera and its output must be versatile, enforceable, reliable, and easy to operate. These were the characteristics that a large ITS solutions vendor was looking for when they approached Lumenera to create a custom imaging solution for monitoring traffic.

Read the Case Study here, to learn more about why Lumenera's USB 3.0 cameras were selected to monitor traffic violations.



July 13, 2016
11am Eastern Daylight Time

webinar iconWhen it comes to choosing the correct industrial camera for your machine vision system, understanding camera and optic specifications are key. Sponsored by Lumenera, this free webcast given by Nigel Holmes, Vision Technology Manager, Federal Mogul Corporation, will explain these specifications while also discussing resolution, pixel count, field of view, as well as provide an overview of the types of cameras that are currently available.

Additionally, he will explain how these specifications impact system performance for producing images that can be analyzed by machine vision software. Furthermore, Holmes will discuss how choosing the correct lens for your camera can affect system performance. Attendees will come away knowing what factors to consider in choosing a machine vision camera for your application, and how to weigh these specific parameters.

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"Case Study: Accurately Color Matching Paint for the Automotive Industry"

Lt16059HManufacturers must constantly question how they confirm the products they produce are in line with the color requirements of its customers, and how color consistency is ensured in all parts over its service life. Manufacturers often build products over several months, which are all required to be the exact same color.

Lumenera was approached by a well-known consumer electronics manufacturer and a major car manufacturer to get their desired color results. Lumenera proposed a solution, a pantone color matching validation system that uses high resolution, quality cameras to ensure superior color reproduction consistently in the images captured by the camera.

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Bayer patternCapturing an event at the right moment is what makes an image so valuable. Whether it's a photo of a car running a red light or a snapshot of an item to be inspected on an assembly line, timing is everything. In order to ensure that an event is captured at the appropriate time (within microseconds), a camera's ability to deterministically trigger is vital. Various imaging solutions will operate with differing triggering reliability, repeatability, and delay, so it is important to choose a camera that will fulfill your timing requirements.

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Lumenera features "Back to the Future" demo at Intertraffic Amsterdam

In April 2016, Lumenera exhibited at Intertraffic Amsterdam and featured our Lt16059H high performance camera in a special "Back to the Future" demo complete with a Delorean model car. Lumenera's high performance traffic cameras are compact, lightweight, versatile, and ruggedized for harsh environments, making these cameras ideally suited for most traffic systems.

Learn more about the Lt16059H or our traffic cameras.


Lumenera demonstrates NIR for inspection applications at SPIE DCS

At the SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing (SPIE DCS) in April, we demonstrated our Lt16059HM, a USB 3.0 industrial grade 16 MP CCD large format monochrome camera with Canon lens and a visible light blocking filter. Using an 850 nm NIR light ring we demonstrated how the camera can help differentiate organic vs inorganic matter in inspection applications. The detail and sensitivity at this wavelength is a result of our camera design that does not contain infrared filters, anti-aliasing filters or data altering firmware commonly found consumer camera systems.

Learn more about our demo at SPIE DCS and NIR imaging in our recent blog, "Using NIR for Inspection Applications."


Lumenera features two USB 3.0 camera demos at The Vision Show

DEMO 1: Lumenera's soon-to-be-released 12 MP, ultra-high-resolution, low noise, USB 3.0 Lt1265R camera was on display at their booth at the AIA Vision Show in May 2016. The camera, connected to an Intel NUC running our LuCam Capture software, demonstrated its high fidelity color reproduction.

Learn more about the Lt1265R camera.

DEMO 2: Lumenera also featured our new USB3 VisionTM camera firmware. This firmware allows any USB3 VisionTM compliant software to interface seamlessly with our cameras without the need for custom software integration or third-party plugins. The firmware is now available as an optional interface on all our USB 3.0 cameras. To demonstrate this interoperability, Lumenera used National Instruments Vision Builder for Automated Inspections to capture images of dice and analyze results in real time using our Lt365R, a 2.8 MP, USB 3.0 high-speed camera.

Learn more about the Lt365R or our USB 3.0 Camera Firmware.



Vision Stuttgart

Lumenera will be exhibiting
November 8-10, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany
Stand #1F79
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