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the new INFINITY3-6UR has arrived. here's why you should be excited!

This newest addition to the Lumenera line of digital cameras is a game changer for microscope users! It provides users with phenomenal color reproduction, high dynamic range, a large field of view and fast preview speeds that are needed for brightfield applications. It also offers the high sensitivity and low noise required for fluorescence imaging... It's two cameras in one!

INFINITY3-6UR Built on Sony’s 6.0 MP EXview HAD II CCD sensor, this camera offers extremely high dynamic range, 4.54 x 4.54 μm pixels and very low noise. Lumenera has achieved a remarkably low 6.5 electron read noise, while blazing at the industry's fastest speed on this sensor at 27 frames per second.

With 2x2 binning, there is a fourfold increase in sensitivity while providing a 1.5 MP (1376x1096) resolution. Full resolution 6.0 MP images are sent to a host computer at up to 27 frames per second (fps) over the plug and play USB 3.0 connection. The INFINITY3-6UR delivers outstanding image quality for challenging low light applications such as fluorescence, including those in the NIR region.

Need a larger field of view for your application? To maximize the sensitivity of the new INFINITY3-6UR, Lumenera used a new larger 1” format Sony ICX694 sensor.  With an approximately 50% larger active surface area than the ICX285 with 2/3" optical format, this high resolution camera achieves a more-than-4x increase in resolution with a less-than-2x decrease in effective sensitivity.

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The INFINITY3-6UR is the ideal solution for most microscopy applications due to its 6.0 MP resolution, excellent color reproduction, speed and sensitivity needed for low-light applications.

This unique camera is indeed a game changer: Striking color reproduction, low noise, free analysis software, USB3.0 with backward compatibility for USB 2.0 and software upgrades available at no charge - what's not to love?

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Researchers in Norway are using Lumenera's INFINITY2 microscopy camera for their research on early-stage multiple myeloma. They have published an article on their research in the Blood Cancer Journal

INFINITY3-6URABSTRACT: In this study, we analyzed the prevalence and clone size of BRAF V600E mutation in 209 patients with multiple myeloma and related the results to clinical phenotype, response and survival. Biopsies were screened for BRAF V600E by allele-specific real-time PCR (AS-PCR). Positive results were confirmed by immunohistochemistry, Sanger sequencing and, in three patients from whom we had stored purified myeloma cells, whole-exome sequencing. Eleven patients (5.3%) were BRAF V600E mutation positive by AS-PCR and at least one other method. The fraction of mutated cells varied from 4 to 100%. BRAF V600E-positive patients had no characteristic clinical phenotype except for significantly higher levels of serum creatinine (125 versus 86 μmol/l) Seven of eleven patients responded with at least very good partial response to alkylators, immunomodulatory agents or proteasome inhibitors. Progression-free and overall survival were similar in patients with and without the mutation. By this integrated approach, we found that patients with BRAF V600E mutation responded very well to broad acting drugs and there was no relation to prognosis in early-stage myeloma. In particular, a large mutated cell fraction did not correlate with aggressive disease.

Read the whole research article here.


New Microscopy Image Gallery

Search for Sample Microscopy Images by Camera and Application

Lumenera has recently re-designed and updated their microscopy sample image gallery on the Lumenera website. The galleries feature images taken with our INFINITY line of cameras are organized by camera and by application. These galleries will be updated as we continue to receive images from customers, showcasing the image quality of our INFINITY cameras, and the diverse applications they are used for.

University of Ottawa Microscopy Images

INFINITY3-6URLumenera is a proud partner of the University of Ottawa and Dr. Jon G. Houseman of the Biology Department, who has selected Lumenera's INFINITY microscopy cameras to equip their state-of-the-art lab. Biology students at the University have been using our INFINITY2-3 cameras to capture some fantastic images. Every week, the best photos taken in their lab are submitted to Lumenera for our "Pick of the Pics" page on our website.


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BitesozeBio logoBiteSize Bio Webinar Sponsored by Lumenera
Date: May 4, 2015
Time: 11am EDT

This webinar will be hosted by James Jonkman, Manager of the Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility at the University Health Network, and will cover the following topics:

Understanding Specs: What is and what is not important when choosing a camera?

Common Myths: Is a cooled camera always better? Does more money mean a better camera?

One For All and All For One: What's the best all-purpose camera for general use?

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Lumenera will be exhibiting at the following events:

15th Annual Meeting of the European Light Microscopy Initiative
May 19-22, 2015
Sitges, Barcelona

June 9-11, 2015
Jyväskylä, Finland

Canadian Cytometry & Microscopy Symposium
June 18-20, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

For a full list of upcoming events, please visit our events page. If you would like to visit us at one of these shows, we are pleased to arrange complimentary trade show passes if available. Please contact us for availability.


New software Release: INFINITY ANALYZE 6.5.1

Powerful fluorescence image acquisition and multi-channel composition is now available to all INFINITY camera users with the release of: INFINITY ANALYZE 6.5.1 Software for Windows!

Lumenera has worked extensively to develop a user-friendly multispectral fluorescence capture and composition solution that enables users to perform rapid and accurate image capture and merging of multiple images.

The new fluorescence image acquisition wizard allows color tints to be applied to specific stains, and provides exposure and gain controls for each channel.  It provides a step by step image capture sequence and produces the color composite when all images are collected.  Each image can be manipulated with an interactive histogram tool, or can have auto black-level and stretch options applied.

For more information and to download the software, click here.


A set of video tutorials are available to walk you through the new features in the latest INFINITY ANALYZE release.



New features in release 6.5.0: A few additional button controls and a new Camera menu are introduced to the user interface with release 6.5.0. Watch the video.

Multispectral Settings & Capture Wizard:A very brief overview showing how the Multispectral Capture Wizard can simplify the steps required to produce a color composition from separate fluorescence channels. Watch the video.


Multispectral Settings: Use the Multispectral Settings dialog to define a list of fluorophores and output color tints that match your samples and workflow. A prerequisite to using the Multispectral Capture Wizard. Watch the video.

Multi-spectral Capture Wizard (Mono): Learn how the Multispectral Capture Wizard simplifies the steps of acquiring images from each of your filter cubes to produce a color composite result, using a monochrome camera. Watch the video.

Multispectral Capture Wizard (Color): Learn how the Multispectral Capture Wizard simplifies the steps of acquiring images from each of your filter cubes to produce a color composite result, using a color camera. Watch the video.