Lt665R COMING SOON: 6.0 Megapixel, High Sensitivity, CCD Camera with High-Speed USB 3.0

The Lt665R is Lumenera’s latest innovative, high performance USB 3.0 CCD camera based on the solid design of the Lt365R.

With up to 27 fps at its highest resolution, the Lt665R was created for speed using the latest USB 3.0 technology and is built on the Sony ICX694 sensor. Low noise electronics ensure clear and sharp images. Details are rendered with amazing accuracy.

The camera’s superior responsiveness positions it as a good choice for Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging. This industrial-grade camera is ideally suited for a variety of applications including traffic, tolling, surveillance, high-speed inspection and machine vision. A scientific-grade variant is available for the most demanding life science applications such as digital pathology and ophthalmology.

The Lt665R can be customized to suit OEM designs and is available in a scientific-grade.

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Lt365RThe Lt365R is Lumenera’s latest innovative, high performance USB 3.0 CCD camera. Running 53 fps at full resolution or 66 at an HDTV resolution of 1920 x 1080, the Lt365R series takes advantage of Lumenera’s unique memory buffer technology so frames are not lost while running the camera at the sensor’s maximum output. Running at twice the speed of other USB 3.0 cameras with this image sensor, the Lt365R is ideal for industrial and scientific applications requiring incredibly fast data & reliable image delivery including traffic, tolling, life sciences, slide scanning, high-speed inspection and machine vision.

The Lt365R family boasts a 2.8 megapixel progressive scan sensor equipped with a global shutter for capturing high-speed images without blur. The Sony ICX674 used in this camera delivers an amazing level of performance combining speed, sensitivity & low noise, leveraging leading edge technologies from Sony. Lumenera’s “R” designation identifies that these products has been engineered to fulfill the demands of many research applications by significantly reducing the read and dark current noise. This combination allows for imaging in difficult low lighting applications and can provide higher dynamic range in images.

Its compact, lightweight yet robust design, measuring 43 x 43 x 65 mm, and 4 mounting points on all 4 sides, ensure easy integration into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions with tight spaces. The fully locking USB 3.0 cabling and digital interface provide a simple plug-and-play installation. A costly framegrabber is not required. Simplified I/O cabling is provided through a locking Hirose connector supporting external power input along with 1 optically isolated output, 1 optically isolated input and 2 configurable I/O ports.

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In The News


Lumenera was recently featured in Lighting Up The Future, a Imaging and Machine Vision Europe article that discusses the progress of Lumenera after 12 years in the business.

Below is a excerpt from this interesting article:

While many vision companies are currently making a big effort to investigate and invest in newer markets such as transportation and life sciences, Lumenera sees these sectors as part of its DNA. 'That's what we have been doing since the outset - automation, medical, traffic, and biometrics,' says Longval. Nowadays they are seen as growing markets but for us they are traditional areas. That was very much our intention from the outset - to serve as many markets as possible and keep the company diverse.'

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Press Releases


CMVU membership allows Lumenera to better serve growing China machine vision market

As a global leader, with cameras on all continents, Lumenera joined the CMVU in order to better serve the growing machine vision market in China. The CMVU promotes the development of the machine vision industry, and serves as a communication platform between industry experts and its customers. Becoming a member will allow Lumenera to further support its local representative Titan Electro-Optics Co. Ltd., improve communication with the Chinese market place, and provide up-to-date information on new products, and upcoming marketing activities.

The CMVU provides members with current market data and opportunities in the industry, which will allow Lumenera to have an advanced understanding of local requirements and trends. The CMVU offers support for events such as trade shows and conferences like the recent International Machine Vision Exhibition in Shanghai.

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Lumenera USB 3.0 Cameras Now Integrated with MVTec HALCON Software

Joint imaging solution for high-speed, high-accuracy machine vision applications

Lumenera’s USB 3.0 cameras are now supported by MVTec and Lumenera’s joint image acquisition interface (HALCON LuCam). Lumenera chose to integrate with HALCON, a comprehensive software for machine vision with an integrated development environment (IDE) that is used worldwide.

The latest release of the HALCON LuCam software maximizes the high-speed, high-resolution features of Lumenera’s USB 3.0 camera series, the Lt225, Lt425 and Lt365R. These families of cameras are designed for high-speed video streaming and image capture by combining high-performance sensors, with the latest USB 3.0 technology to ensure fast image delivery, even at their largest resolution. Features of the latest HALCON LuCam interface include the ability to stream multiple cameras, image cropping, external trigger, as well as software control of exposure, focus, gain, iris, white balancing, strobe parameters, and digital input/output signals.

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Company continues to make great advances in innovative camera technology

As a go-to company for unique and challenging imaging applications, Lumenera’s engineering team was able to draw from its strong digital interface and sensor expertise, industry-leading camera architecture, as well as its advanced algorithms to build the Lt1265R USB 3.0 camera. Still under development, this product has incorporated the new Sony 12 megapixel ICX834 sensor, streaming full resolution images at 15 frames per second with exceptionally high color fidelity, low-noise, and 3.1 micron square pixels.

“Lumenera's commitment to advanced technology and innovation, as well as our high level of excellence are once again on display.” stated Andrew Nelson, VP Engineering, Lumenera Corporation. “Being the first company to run live video feed from the ICX834 sensor is a big win for our engineering team and for Lumenera. I am very proud of the team’s accomplishments.”

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Lumenera Provides Superior Quality Color Images For Paint Inspection Applications Using the Lg11059C and Lm11059C Cameras

How does a manufacturer ensure the products they produce match the
exact color requirements for the customer? How does one guarantee
color consistency across all components of a product over its life cycle?
Manufacturers are often building products months apart that require the
exact same color as a previous build.

Recently a well-known car manufacturer as well as a large consumer electronics manufacturer turned to Lumenera to obtain the results they needed. The solution is pantone color matching using high resolution, quality cameras that can provide excellent, consistent color reproduction in the images produced by the camera.

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Lumenera and our valued partners participated in several events over the spring season. To view the latest Lumenera camera technology displayed please click the links below.

Booth 1112

Lumenera and TEO brought the latest camera technology to Vision China in Shanghai, China from March 18 to 20, 2014. The following innovative products were on display:

Lg11059 - 11 megapixel camera providing exceptionally high resolution and sensitivity. Features include the Kodak KAI-11002 CCD sensor, 4008 x 2672 resolution, large dynamic range up to 66 dB and selectable 8 or 14-bit data output. Ideal for traffic monitoring, flat panel inspection and pathology.

Lt Camera Series - Lumenera’s highly innovative USB 3.0 family of cameras each offer distinct benefits depending on your application needs. Choose from the proven CMOSIS CMV2000 (Lt225) and CMV4000 (Lt425) Rev3 sensors offering low noise and high sensitivity, or the fastest USB 3.0 camera on the market based on the Sony ICX674 CCD sensor (Lt365R).

March 25-28, 2014
Amsterdam RAI Convention Center
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hall 3, Stand 116

AIA The Vision Show
April 15-17, 2014
Boston, Massachusetts, John B. Hynes Veteran’s Memorial
Convention Center
Booth 422


Industrial, Not Consumer Grade

The acquisition of a camera starts with fully understanding all of the application requirements. This ensures that the camera selected for the project will best match the specifications for the required output– whether it’s a high resolution image with excellent color reproduction or an image with high dynamic range and low noise, to ensure the most accurate results for analysis.

In your search for the ideal camera, one of the questions you may find yourself asking is “Can I use a consumer camera instead of an Industrial-grade one?” Our answer “Sure you can, but should you?”

Consumer cameras are not designed to be as robust as industrial cameras. One of the main design differences is industrial cameras use electronic shutters, while consumer cameras use mechanical shutters that have a much shorter life span, and higher failure rate. Some may think an off-the-shelf digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) will work for their application, but in reality these cameras are not built to withstand intense use.

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Corporate Updates


Lumenera is a mid-sized company that prides itself on a unique culture: one of mutual respect and camaraderie among its employees. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas, participate, work hard and enjoy each other’s company both at work and at social events. We also know that our employees always keep the customer experience in mind – we are not just selling a product – we are selling our service as well.

We offer a wide range of opportunities and are always looking for people with talent and enthusiasm to join our team! For a full list of current opportunities please visit www.lumenera.com.

European Sales Engineer (Germany):
This new position is geared towards partnering with Sales to achieve revenue and profitability targets, with a focus on new design wins while maintaining a high level of support for existing customers. The person in this role will be working in concert with the Sales team in a pre-sales capacity in the EMEA marketplace as well as the technical lead for new and existing customers looking for imaging solutions. This will be in support of direct activities as well as in support of our partner channel. The applicant will also work closely with the Business Development and OEM Sales teams to support custom opportunities.

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Business Development Director - Scientific OEM Europe (UK):
We are seeking a highly motivated individual for the role of Business Development Director – Scientific OEM, to help grow our OEM business within Europe. The scientific camera market is a growing segment using advanced vision technology to implement life sciences instruments, medical imaging, physics, material research, ophthalmology, pathology and other advanced applications. Significant experience in sales is required, as is knowledge of the camera marketplaces which we serve. You’ll spend the majority of your time dedicated to outbound hunting via telephone, email, trade show, and customer site visits to develop new opportunities, and a smaller portion of your time qualifying and converting new business from inbound leads. We have high expectations but offer room for personal and professional growth within our fast paced company.

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