New High Speed Lt365, now sampling!

This new camera features 2.8 megapixel resolution, USB 3.0 interface and a high-speed global shutter. The Lt365 was specifically designed for high speed applications including traffic, tolling, high-speed inspection and machine vision.

Built on a ICX674 sensor and low noise electronics, the Lt365 reliably produces clear accurate images, despite challenging lighting conditions, at incredible speeds of up to 53 fps. This responsiveness and high dynamic range make it a great choice for Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging.

A scientific-grade variant is available for the most demanding life science applications such as digital pathology. This camera can be customized to suit OEM designs and is available in a scientific-grade.

For more info on the Lt365 and for more information please email us at industrialsales@lumenera.com.


Innovative and Popular USB 3.0 Lt Family of Cameras Now Feature the NEWEST Sensor from CMOSIS

Lumenera’s 2 megapixel Lt225 and 4 megapixel Lt425 now feature the latest Revision 3
image sensor from CMOSIS. These USB 3.0 cameras provide image quality that rivals that of CCD sensors at very high frame rates and a lower cost.

The Lt camera series was designed for high-speed streaming video and image capture. Using the latest USB 3.0 technology this camera provides ultra fast image delivery even at the largest resolution. The new CMOSIS Revision 3 sensor upgrade provides a number of performance enhancements to the Lt225 and Lt425, including increased analog gain and elimination of the black sun effect.

This sensor upgrade coincides with the latest release of Lumenera’s LuCam Software and Software Development Kit (SDK), providing additional features such as user specified frame rate control, subsampling, thresholding, High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode, and an LED illumination correction.

To read the full announcement of the Revision 3 image sensor please click here.


Lumenera Partners with Cognex to Bring VisionPro Software to CCD Digital Cameras

The popular 11 megapixel Lg11059 camera was recently integrated with Cognex Corporation's VisionPro software, allowing for increased features and options for processing images.

This software allows users to build powerful vision systems. Those currently using VisionPro software will now have access to Lumenera's innovative Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) CCD camera with its unique Canon-integrated lens control.

The integration of the Lg11059 digital camera with VisionPro is ideally suited for Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), electronic assembly, automotive and other applications where high resolution, high dynamic range and low noise are needed such as semiconductor inspection.

This new partnership will simplify vision system integration by merging the Lg11059 digital camera and VisionPro software proficiently to provide plug-and-play installation and streamlined product technical support.

For more information on the Lg11059 please click here.


Lumenera is Featured in Leading Publication Traffic Technology International

Traffic Technology International chose to showcase Lumenera's new CMOS sensor technology. The following is a snippet of the feature article:

Emerging high-speed video technology is enabling a new generation of video-based automatic license plate recognition (ALPR that will be more affordable to install and far easier to maintain. Innovation in CMOS image sensor technology has led to the introduction of high definition sensors (up to 4 megapixel resolution), that can operate at speeds of 100 to 200 frames per second (fps). To put things in perspective, this is about twice the resolution and speed of a high-definition television. These new CMOS sensors offer light sensitivity that is close to that of a CCD sensor, but at a much faster frame rate. They also have the ability to freeze-frame high-speed objects such as moving vehicles, thanks to a built-in electronic global shutter – an innovation for CMOS sensors.

To read the full article please click here.

White paper

New White paper Now Available: An in-depth look at USB 3.0 cameras & technical specifications

The latest in a series of technical whitepapers from Lumenera, examines high-speed cameras and the varying benefits of both CMOS and CCD sensors. Topics thoroughly researched include global shutters, rolling shutters, color fidelity and new camera technology on the market.

The Lt225 and Lt425 are two of the latest products released by Lumenera and they excel at providing high quality high-speed imaging for a multitude of applications. This paper provides a brief high-level overview of a few technical specifications that typically go into the development of a high-speed imaging camera.

To download the full whitepaper click here.


Lumenera and Icron Technologies Corporation co-host Webinar on USB 3.0 Technology

USB 3.0 Cameras Over Fiber for Machine Vision Applications: An affordable solution to help you go the distance

Description: USB 3.0 machine vision cameras are well poised for success in featuring a desirable blend of high throughput rates, quality resolution, simplicity (plug-and-play) and affordability. This technology is even stronger when combined with fiber cabling to increase reach up to 100 meters plus other benefits.

The presentation provides an overview of USB 3.0, transitions to USB 3.0 vs other camera interfaces as a full solution showing pros and cons, look at market and application examples, and explore how fiber extension can add value. This webinar is targeted for end-users, integrators, or anyone with a general interest in enhancing their understanding of USB 3.0 machine vision applications.

Presented by:
• Eric Ramsden, Product Manager, Lumenera Corporation
• Glenn Antonelli, VP of Marketing, Icron Technologies Corporation

View a recorded copy of the webinar Click here


Lumenera exhibits at Vision China - OCT 2013

From October 16-18th, Lumenera and partner Titan Electro-Optics were at the 10th China International Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference 2013. The show was held in Beijing, China.

This event showcases the latest machine vision products and technology as well as conducting trade exchanges. Lumenera gave demos of the Lt425 USB 3.0 camera and a sample of the Lt365.

To set up a meeting with Lumenera's imaging specialists please email us at info@lumenera.com.


CMOS Sensor Technologies – Can They Help with Traffic Congestion?
Many of us share in the same daily frustration of sitting in slow moving traffic as we make our way to and from work. I believe that we can thank rapid population growth and urbanization for bringing about a rise in traffic that has outpaced road capacity, resulting in the loss of productive working hours, environmental pollution, wasted fuel and precious energy resources. Fortunately for all of us, new technologies are greatly improving the solutions available, each bringing their share of benefits and drawbacks.
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Keep Your Eyes on the Road
Transportation infrastructures incorporate an amazing amount of imaging technology, which can be found in the sophisticated equipment working silently along our roads and highways. Imaging technology has become an integral component of Intelligent Transportation Systems, serving as an extra set of eyes on the road, improving our safety and contributing to a problem-free and pleasant driving experience.
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New: Windows 8 Compatibility
Lumenera’s industrial USB device drivers are fully compatible with the latest Windows 8, 32 and 64-bit operating systems. Lumenera's download center provides customers with the most current versions of our software releases. Visit our website here for the latest USB Drivers / Downloads.

New LuCam Software 6.3.0
A new release of LuCam Software is now available for download. The latest version of LuCam software provides support for variable frame rate, subsampling and High Dynamic Range mode on the Lt225 and Lt425 cameras. It also provides updates for all other Lumenera camera models.

Lumenera SDK 6.3.0
The new release of Lumenera SDK 6.3.0 provides updates to the .NET framework to improve support for 64-bit projects.

Knowledge Base Solutions
Lumenera's Knowledge Base Solutions is a secure portal that provides you with technical support materials and articles. To access these valuable technical documents please contact the Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) team using support@lumenera.com.

Corporate updates

Lumenera Hosts Family Fun-Day Appreciation Event

At Lumenera, we pride ourselves on being a social company. We have an excellent Social Committee who plan and organize monthly events ranging from family skating to employee boat cruises. We also share in each other’s personal and professional accomplishments at monthly "All Staff" meetings, focused on maintaining an excellent corporate culture.

This summer, the social committee organized a family fun-day event at our head office in Ottawa.

Lumenera President, Huw Leahy takes employees and their children for a tour of the manufacturing area to see first-hand how our cameras are made.




The family fun-day event was complete with bouncy castles, inflatable sides, games and of course our favorite carnival treats like cotton candy and popcorn. Thank you to the Lumenera social committee for organizing a great event.


For more information on Lumenera's community intiatives please click here.


Lumenera Green Initiative Updates

Lumenera launched a Green initiative in 2010 and has remained committed to this campaign since that time to help improve the environment and local community.

We are committed to promoting a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” attitude within our culture and believe that every effort made by its employees counts.

A new initiative recently undertaken is the launch of the Green payroll. In an effort to support a paperless environment, we are pleased to announce that the production and distribution of paper pay stubs and HR forms has been discontinued. Employees now use a secure online system to retrieve their pay records and submit forms such as vacation requests. This initiative not only saves the cost and time associated with tracking and distributing pay stubs and paper forms, it also reduces the amount of paper and ink used for printing them. This is an ongoing initiative with long-term green benefits.

An ongoing effort that was one of the first undertakings of Lumenera's Green Committee is the tree planting program. For every Lumenera website visitor who completes the contact us form, Lumenera will plant one tree. Providing information is completely voluntary. Since the initiative started Lumenera has planted over 3,000 trees. Thank you to everyone who participated.

For a full list of initiatives click here.

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