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Lumenera is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. With an updated look and feel, the easy-to-navigate site has several new features and additional sections to keep you up to date on our imaging technology and upcoming innovations.

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Lumenera’s INFINITY3-1 Cooled Scientific Digital Camera is Ideal for Low Light Conditions and Long Exposure

Lumenera’s INFINITY3-1 cooled scientific digital camera is ideal for particularly low light conditions, long exposure, and quantitative analysis applications.

The INFINITY3-1 employs the highly successful and popular 2/3” Sony ICX285 CCD sensor with 1.4 megapixel resolution. The extremely sensitive Sony CCD sensor, combined with high dynamic range and low noise, as a result of proprietary Peltier cooling technology, makes the INFINITY3-1 an ideal choice for extended exposure and low light fluorescent applications where 12-bit data is required for analysis.

The INFINITY3-1 is offered with both color and monochrome capability and is fully supported by INFINITY ANALYZE, a complete image capture and processing software package for advanced imaging, and INFINITY CAPTURE software, an intuitive user interface that includes all of the basic features required to control the camera and capture crisp clear images. INFINITY cameras also include TWAIN drivers which ensure integration and compatibility with a variety of 3rd party software applications. The plug-and-play high-speed USB 2.0 interface produces extremely high frame rates through binning and ROI allowing real time preview and focus.

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Lumenera is Offering a Free Camera with Purchase

Purchase any INFINITY3-1 color or monochrome cooled CCD camera before December 31, 2009 and receive a FREE INFINITY1-1 color 1.3 megapixel camera. This offer allows you to take full advantage of the increased sensitivity of the INFINITY3-1 for florescence and the INFINITY1-1 for brightfield applications.

Included with purchase of Lumenera's high performance scientific digital cameras is INFINITY ANALYZE image analysis software. INFINITY ANALYZE allows for easy and precise measurement, annotation and image processing when using the INFINITY camera line.

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Lumenera is Now Offering 64-Bit Driver Support with New INFINITY Software

In the latest release of INFINTY Software version 5.0.1 significant modifications to INFINITY camera drivers and software have resulted in an improved user-friendly interface, efficient in capturing and editing high quality images produced by Lumenera’s INFINITY line of microscopy cameras.

One considerable change to Lumenera's INFINITY camera drivers is added support for 64-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating Systems (OS). 64-bit drivers allow customers to take advantage of the more powerful CPUs found in today’s newer computers, and in turn make effective use of Lumenera technology.

For more info on the added driver support and the other new features seen in INFINITY Software version 5.0.1 please click here.


New INFINITY ANALYZE Quick Start Guide

With the release of the new INFINITY Software 5.0.1 Lumenera is creating an updated version of the INFINITY ANALYZE Quick Start Guide for easy camera set up and effecient image capture. Available in Q3 of 2009, this reference guide will be shipped with INFINITY ANALYZE and will be available for download at

This reference guide will help you calabrate your cameras and maximize use after installaton of the INFINITY ANALYZE software.
Features outlined include:
• Camera and Capture Control
• Measurement and Annotation
• Additional Help and Reference

Watch for the new INFINITY ANALYZE quick start guide coming soon.

For more info on the New INFINITY Software 5.0.1, Lumenera’s most flexible offering to date please click here.

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Applying Color to a Fluorescent Monochrome Image Using INFINITY ANALYZE Image Analysis Software

Lumenera's Director of Business Development for the Scientific Channel presents new uses for your INFINITY camera.

To take full advantage of the INFINITY3 series of low light cameras, researchers will often choose a monochrome version for its extra sensitivity. By removing the camera’s Bayer filter, the sensitivity can increase by as much as 30%, which is critical in extremely low light environments and when using fluorochromes.

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Strong Financial Standing

Lumenera has become an established leader in the marketplace by offering innovative solutions and superior price to performance ratios, earning the attention and support of leading corporations from many industry sectors. This has allowed Lumenera to remain a cash positive organization despite the current tough economic environment.

Originally founded in May of 2002, Lumenera was boot-strapped since inception and has achieved tremendous year-over-year growth. Lumenera holds a strong worldwide presence that includes North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

In July 2006, Lumenera became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Industries, Inc ( Roper Industries is a leader in a wide variety of markets and demonstrates innovation with disciplined financial expertise, thus enabling its growth strategy for internal expansion and acquisitions via strong cash flows. As a result, Roper Industries has a consistent record of growth in sales, cash flow and earnings.

Today, Lumenera is a strong, financially stable, viable company, continuously meeting its ongoing financial and contractual obligations. Backed by Roper Industries, a strong balance sheet, strict operating performance, and diverse product portfolio and business profile ensure continuous growth. Recognized worldwide as a company of financial strength, Lumenera continuously meets and exceeds benchmarks.

Proven performance, longevity and credibility provide confidence and peace-of-mind for Lumenera’s partners, customers and employees, resulting in continued success and solid growth for many years to come.

Lumenera Appoints Raj Capoor as VP Finance

Raj Capoor- Vice President, Finance

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