1.4 Megapixel USB 2.0 Microscopy Camera
MSRP: $4,750.00 USD*

This product raises the bar for performance in an uncooled ICX285 sensor-based camera. Lumenera’s INFINITY3-1URF microscopy camera has been engineered to offer exceptional dynamic range, read noise and dark current noise. This uncooled camera’s performance and price make it an ideal solution for general fluorescence applications.

Complete fluorescence microscopy imaging solution, consisting of Lumenera’s high-end INFINITY3 series scientific cameras, feature rich software packages and a 5 year warranty.


  • Free 9-month trial version of Media Cybernetic’s Image-Pro Premier Software
  • INFINITY Advantage Pack LuIAP-2

INFINITY3-1URF Product Highlights:

  • 1.4 megapixel Sony ICX285 CCD image sensor
  • 30 fps at full 1392 x 1040 resolution
  • Select 8 & 14-bit pixel data modes
  • Monochrome or color available

Ordering Options:

  • INFINITY3-1URFC — 1.4 Megapixel Color Uncooled CCD Camera or INFINITY3-1URFM — 1.4 Megapixel Monochrome Uncooled CCD Camera
  • 2 m USB 2.0 Cable
  • LuINFSW-DVD — DVD with INFINITY user application software (including INFINITY ANALYZE), TWAIN driver and documentation

Ordering Options:

  • LuIAP-2 — INFINITY Advanced Features Pack 2: Includes USB Key for extra INFINITY ANALYZE license +
    Advanced Features Module (spherical aberration correction and multi-focus composition), additional 1 year warranty, 1 advance product replacement
  • LuSDKSW — Software Developer’s Kit (Web Download)
  • La050300 — 5 V DC, 2.5 A, 12.5 W Power Supply

Technical Specifications

Camera Settings

Image Sensor CCD, Sony ICX285, Avail in Color or Monochrome
Effective Pixels 1392 X 1040, 6.45 µm square pixels
Optical Format 2/3"
Frame Rate 30
Bit Depth 8 and 14-bit
Read Noise 6 e-
Dark Current < 1 e-/s at 22 °C

Camera Controls

Mass 340 g
Power Requirement USB bus power (or optional external 5 V DC, 500 mA)
Power Consumption ~2.5 W
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C
Operating Humidity 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Interface Connector USB 2.0
Dimensions 3.85 x 2.00 x 2.75 inch
Lens Mount Adjustable C-Mount standard
Binning Options 2 x 2, 4 x 4
*North American MSRP, excluding taxes and shipping. Duties and other costs may be incurred in other regions.